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  1.  Misleading, but good


    I'm feeling somewhat mislead.. The trailers all portrayed this as a funny light hearted movie, however the humor was a bit sparse and overshadowed by the sad story.. Don't buy this unless you actually WANT to get sad

  2.  Excellent book


    This book has lots of small very insightful and educational chapters, each covering a different aspect of astronomy and astrophysics. Humorous and has a bit of technical details, but still not to hard for a layperson to follow :)

  3.  Great


    A very funny and insightful documentary.. It's more fun than educational, but still offers a little bit of both =)

  4.  epic win


    This box is just awesome, Bruce Campbell IS the king :)

  5.  The worst


    This is easily one of the worst 5 movies I've seen ever. The story is horrible and it's a real paint to watch trough it

  6.  I would rather stare at a goat for 2 hours


    virtually ALL the funny moments in the movie where in the trailer. Talk about false advertisement. The plot is lame, nonsensical and the movie just tries to bore you to death.

  7.  Disappointing


    Huge star trek fan (All series), but this movie was pretty disappointing as a science fiction. It's much more reminding of a action movie with a mediocre plot than sci-fi.

  8.  Weird format


    My copy only shows the video as a small box on the screen. With a BIG black border on all 4 sides. This also happened with "Goodfellas" from play.com, but none of my other 1000 dvds. Extremely annoying to have to view it in such a stupid resolution. Tried on several dvd/bd players and screens with same result :(

  9.  Super


    This movie is made of awesome, best humor/horror/splatter/zombie movie ever.. Words cant describe the awesomeness :)
    PS: also check out "Bad Taste" which is similar and by Peter Jackson

  10.  Super


    I was skeptical to this (huge buffy/firefly fan) and the whole detective agency thing kinda put me off.. But I was so wrong, it's nothing like any of those other detective shows.. I'm glad I gave it a chance, cause Angel is not in any way inferior to Buffy :)