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  1.  My belated review...


    I realised I bought this product like a year ago without reviewing it. A year ago I was looking for some speakers for my PS3 and to some avail I came across a set of speakers specifically for the console. Happy Days and at what a great price although it was about 50+ quid or so in my day.

    Anyway, great sound, its got pretty damn good bass and provides a decent sound altogether. Great for movies, music as well as games. I use it for my bedroom so I don't really know how well it can act when being used in a larger room, I wouldn't get my hopes up though.

    But definately a great pair of speakers that both look and sound pretty damn excellent. Hope this helps. Peace out!!!

  2.  Better than expected...


    I'm very surprised to have given this 5 stars. The fact that it is a new style of game in it's first outing you'd expect there to be some hiccups along the way or atleast some minor boo boos. But as a matter of fact its an excellent, outstanding game. One that immerses you from the very first push of the analogue stick.

    Capturing you in the enthralling tale of a man saving his son with a few twists and turns along the way. Everything in this game shows true effort from the designers and creators as well as the love for the characters they've createn.

    I absolutely loved this game. Sure there were a few pop ins and outs visually and the walking can get a bit annoying, but once thats out of the way, you'll see a great game that should be able to satisfy anyone's thirst for a good game. Plus a brilliant soundtrack with a nice mellow sound thus creating a beautiful harmony to carry this game through.

    Overall, really good game, thouroughly enjoyed it (more than I expected, hence the title). And as for replayability, instead of alternate endings. I prefer to think of the game as having alternate pathways, because the way in which you mould your characters throughout the game will most definately have an impact on the ending of the game. Have fun! Oh and by the way,as a fellow reviewer already suggested, stay away from the internet regarding this game. It's real easy to ruin. Happy Gaming.

  3.  Not as bad as it COULD have been.


    Having played the first three games based on the movie and only bothering to complete the first two, I was expecting this game to get caught in the web of the terrible pathway their games have been heading lately. But as a matter of fact it did NOT.

    It may have been because it was not based on the movies or because the producers decided to make the game what it once was when it started. Fun, not too difficult and whitty.

    It also has a bit of an "Infamous" vibe to it as well in regards to the choices and the publics perception towards you. Overall gameplay is pretty refreshing, especially with the upgrades which are quite handy.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, it can be completed in about 7-10 hours (solid gameplay). This game deserves more credit than it's receiving, due to the fact that it seems as if they went back to the drawing board on this one to make it a game that people would actually care to complete.

  4. inFamous



    4 New from  £11.15  Free delivery

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     It's Electrifyingly Good Fun! (Excuse the pun)


    Well, well, it has finally dawned upon us. If anyone was wondering what it would be like to play GTA4 as the love child between Altair (Assasins Creed) and that guy from Star wars:Force Unleashed this is the best chance you're gonna get.

    Yes, it's an original idea for a game and it has many enjoyable moments throughout such as seeing the multitude and depth that went into developing Cole's powers and other abilities.

    However, it also has it's flaws. Firstly the fact that most of your enemies seem to be living on the rooftops is quite irritating. Because not only does it either require time to climb up but it takes effort to aim at them from such a distance. To make matters worse it seems as if your enemies somehow have the most precise aiming skills, which is strange considering they are just supposed to be a bunch of hoodlums. Also I don't like the fact that you can't walk slowly just allowing yourself to stroll through central park. You're only able to run and sprint, now I don't know about you but I like to walk in style. It provides a sense of realism. But that's just me.

    All in all, an exceptionally entertaining game, satisfying graphics, oh yeah and another thing the attitides and reactions of the citizens (in-game of course) can be a bit dull, tedious and repetitive at times so I wouldn't expect much from the AI. Very few games out there are worth paying £40 for but this just about cuts it.

    All the best readers, I hope this helped. I just try and pick up on the things that other reviewers don't mention so excuse the pessimistic nature of the review. It really is a very good game...

  5.  Creative, Get Creative!


    Oh how i would love to have given this 5 stars, but after two days i've had more than my fair share of faults that others would've had after a few months. The first night, after charging it a few seconds later i switched it on and it wouldn't turn on. Problem one, now i see the reason for the reset button, they so helpfully installed on the side. The second problem is as i got out the bus, because there is no clip with the earphones once they're out your ears, they're practically dangling across the floor picking up dirt. And whilst they were doing so, i accidently stepped on them. Right on the wire. Which for a big guy like moi. Must have hurt them like...well you know. Admittedly the second problem was my fault, but long story short, i'm spending another £70 of my hard earned money on a pair of earphones that i hopefully won't step on. Oh yeah, it looks great from the front but looks like something from a poundshop product from the back, so in that aspect i'm thankful for the black leather case. Other than that, superb quality sound, you really notice the x-fi technology and the screen size and display colours aren't bad. Overall great mp3, just be cautious when it's in the same room as your shoes. All the best people...

  6.  No Lies Here...


    I've been listening to this album non stop for the past week and have found that this could potentially be the best album of the year with such songs as Fairwell to the Fairground, Nothing to give and my personal favourite The Price Of Love. The sound that this band creates is breathtaking. It's a bit like a darker version of Keane with a bit more guitar than piano. Each track perfectly blends with the last creating an inspiring listening experience for the whole 45 minutes. Buy this album and within a few minutes the only thing you'll be regreting is not buying it sooner.

  7.  This particular Snake sure packs some Venom!


    As a loyal follower to the franchise it gives me great pleasure in announcing that this MGS is above all others, which isn't an easy task for those who've played the previous games (excluding PSP). Everything from visuals, sound to gameplay are top notch and definately shows what the PS3 is capable of. But most importantly with regards to the game, it really sums up the storyline and ties up those loose ends which I know all previous gamers wanted to know. Yes, there are alot of cutscenes and codec moments, but if we know anything about the master that is Mr Kojima we know that there is definately good reason. Superb cinematics that make you just want to put the controller down and grab some of that sweet popcorn. Oh yeah! All this with the return of some truly outstanding characters creates one of the best games of all time, not just the year. I hope everyone enjoys this game as much as I did, it was definately worth the delays, but hey what isn't.

    My only discontent is that this is the last time in which we'll see this lonely, old, eye patch wearing, M4 carrying, cigarette smoking man... or is it???

  8.  Best DMC yet!!!...of course


    Best so far, great graphics especially on 1080p. much easier gameplay and a great storyline to match. Also you get to play as both NERO & DANTE. I won't be trading this in anytime soon!