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  1.  Suprised...


    I didn't think ricky gervais would be as funny in stand up but i was totally wrong. Some of the stuff he comes out with is just random and hilarious that you just don't see with other comedians. Great value!

  2.  Make them exportable


    Good game, If your a real fan of guitar hero/rock band you will have noitced that guitar hero never seems to make any songs exportable. If you look at rock band 1 every song is exportable on to rock band 2 for 400 points (inlcuding dlc *downloadable conent)! We have to pay 39.99 for 48 songs of what appears to be the "greatest hits" from other guitar hero games? Also non of the guitar hero dlcs are exportable which is a shame really because that dragonforce pack would of been interesting in band mode. Activision sort it out please...

  3.  Great Game to play with Friends


    This game is great for multiplayer and shooting zombies never gets old. There are some really tough achievements to keep you going and an expert difficulty for those who think its easy. Although this game is great for multiplayer the single player may get boring. The AI can be stupid and run in front of tanks and swarming enemies.

    Overall a really good game and different from some games you may have in your collection.

  4.  Good Product


    I have had this mouse for a while now and I have had no problems even on a wood surface. Although there can be problems if the surface is a bit rough (tea stains, dust, marks) causes the mouse to respond slowly. Overall its a nice looking mouse and its failrly cheap, i recommend this one.

  5.  Next Gen with GTA IV for just £200?


    Well this has to be the deal of the year because last time i checked and bought mine (before christmas) it costed me £260 including halo 3. This is definitely a must have for those who want to enhance their gameplay and multiplayer. If you have just looked at this and thought its too expensive then your totally wrong this is a bargain and you will not be disappointed.

  6.  Simply Breathtaking...


    This is the first album of megadeth i bought and there are no words to describe how good it really is. It has great songs such as Sleepwalker, Washington is next! and gears of war. Simply my favourite thrash album i have in the collection and soon to get rust in peace can't wait.

    Buy the album because you must be more curious than i am to be here right? Surely other megadeth fans and people who have recently bought it agree.