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  1.  Man On Fire


    Brilliant game with a fantastic story. As mentioned in the title this game borrows a lot from the movie Man On fire which is no bad thing. Quality graphics too with sweet gun play. Loved it, recommend it.

  2.  Played COD all my life


    Now I don't want to compare this with COD but everybody else does so I might as well. I love COD games but I have to say since playing this game through I have loved every minute, sure COD looks nice and plays well but there is something about this game that just makes it feel 'right'. I think because it is just straight up fun and has a lot of variety in the levels. The sound is also simply brilliant and much much better than any COD game I have played, it also has a really gritty realistic feel and look to it all. Give this game a chance and you will not be dissapointed, I'm gutted I waited so long just because IGN gave it a low score..... ignore the reviews and give it a go, it is a really decent fps. Great game in my opinion.

  3.  What is everybody moaning about just sthu....


    This game is no way as bad as some people are making it out to be by giving it one star and trying to stand out. Like many others I have massively enjoyed the previous COD's. Black Op's has many great new additions to the multiplayer and it has an unbeilivable amount of stats etc even down to hit markers you have fired where they landed, and where you died etc on the last 30 maps, combat training, loads of new game mode, cool weapons (bored of the same old modern guns) still cant beat the sound of an old rifle with the pull back animation and empty clip flyng out. It has a full video editor which makes great use of capturing your favourite online moments (screen shots & vids) to share with the community which if your anything like me you will love. Considering the online servie is FREE I cant complain about a game dropping out 5% of the time. The game includes a huge zombie mode an amazing single player which has the best story so far from any COD game and also incuded is a nice arcade zombie mode top down shooter which is great fun, its basically four games in one. Well worth the money, once you progress a little bit into multiplayer, you will be hooked and be able to open up so much stuff. Just give it time, the graphics in my opinion are great. As for little things like some small glitches, sounds etc which I am not aware of by the way, thats what updates and patches are for. Brilliant game.

  4. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    8 New from  £3.30  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     (Demo Only) - Probably the best football game ever made.


    I downloaded this from the american PSN and was again blown away, I played Fifa 10 loads and althought this feels weird at first after being so used to fifa 10 you soon get used to it and apprieciate the gameplay. The ball now feels very detached from the players, which is a good thing. Players are alot more individual, for example iniesta for Barca can pick out a 40 yard pass onto Messi's foot but try the same with someone not so skilled and it will probably go out for a throw. Its very realistic all round, the refs now have varying degrees of strictness which helps games flow. You can now view individual highlights after each game and save them onto your relpay gallery to view whenever you feel like it, also adding your own custom sound track from your hard drive is a nice touch. Another little thing I like (probably because i'm a gaming nerd) is the way after a tackle/shot etc the camera will follow that player and give stats likes, distance travelled etc. Again making it feel like a live game. The gameplay is fantastic how all the tussles for possesion and players diving all over the place make it look amazing, there is so much animation going on here. for example I was playing earlier and had a shot with messi which crashed off of the bar and david villa just launched himself at it to try and put the rebound in, it came off of his shoulder and went out, there will be so many different kind of random goals in this game which I think is great, last minute deflected post and in type goals. I'll shut up now, anyway if you liked fifa 10 and world cup S.A then get this as it combines both and adds even more on top. Brilliant game.

  5.  Best interactive music game on the market


    Really good fun, actually feels like you got skills on the turntable. You get right into the brilliant mixes of which there are plent and all of them are really well made. Try it, its good fun and great for having people round and all having a go.

  6.  Don't buy it just because it's cheap.


    Ok so this is nice looking and feels comfortable in the hand, clips on very nicely and is good value I suppose. The one major problem is once it has clipped onto the pad the buttons are harder to get to due to the raised plastic. It's not much but once you have played with the same pad for ages it just feels alien and becomes off putting, like me you will probably play one game of MW2 with it on then un-clip it and throw it out of the school bus window tied to a piece of string like Napolean Dynamite. To sum up, looks nice, is cheap, feels smooth but weird and annoying after a while.

  7.  Very different but very impressive.


    Based on the demo - This game is very refreshing and new, it makes you feel so involved and as if you were actually there. At one point after having a fight with some guy in the seedy motel room I needed to get my inhaler from my pocket as my character was struggling to breath, I couldnt remember which pocket it was in and I actually started to panick incase I couldnt find it in time. That kind of involvement is hard to find nowadays in games and I cant remember a game making me feel so much part of the action as Heavy Rain does. I have to mention the graphics are some of if not the best I have ever seen, also the voice overs probably even top Uncharted 2 and thats not an easy task. It reminded me alot of the movie Seven which is in no way a bad thing. I think it will be interesting talking to friends who have also got this game to see how they played it and what decisions they made and how it affected their game to compare the outcomes. I'm bored of the same old FPS where wave after wave of enemies run at me, I needed something new where I could turn the lights off, get pulled in by the story and become part of the game and now I think I have found the game to do that. Stunning in every way.

  8.  Why did I wait so long to buy this game?......


    ..... It was probably because I thought, here we go again, another comic book / game which is going to be a flop. I can honestly say I couldnt of been any further away from the truth. This game is epic, everything about it just seaps class. I had no idea how much depth this game had and how dark and disturbing it is at times. I love planning attacks from above and then pulling them off with stylish perfection, it's moments like that when you feel as though you are the dark night himself and those moments wouldn't look out of place in a Batman movie. Not being a hardcore Batman fan it's also a nice touch how they provide you will all the charcters backgrounds and stats. Amazing graphics, gameplay, story sound, extras etc etc etc. GOTY? Probably.

  9.  Really good game


    I purchased this game when it first came out after reading some very promising reviews about it. I had never played a prince a persia game before (well briefly on xbox live) it was an old classic version but I found this game really enjoyable, great gameplay and unique but amazing graphics. It really is a satisfying and lovely all round game. Also with the film just around the corner it is well worth picking up for a bargain 10 pound to get a bit of back story and familiarise with everything. Great game

  10.  Best PS3 game yet?........


    ...... I would say it has to come close, I have only been playing for around 3 hours and I am up to chapter 6. I cant even put into words how impressed am I with this game, just when I think it cant get any better, something will happen I will sit back and just think wow. I know alot of people always say this about games but this is really like sitting through an amazing film which you get to control. The graphics are so clear, beautiful and life-like, the story is epic and it is just all round brilliant, if I could give 10 stars then I probably would. I love how the game begins, dont worry I am not going to give anything away. I cant wait to finish work and get back on it, you could easily sit down and play this game non stop start to finish, not because it is a short game (which it isn't at all) but because it just keeps you so hooked and seamlesley links levels from one to the next. It is and will be a classic. And to answer my question again, I have had all the best PS3 games to date and I can safely say that this is the best so far. Buy this game, if you dont have a PS3 yet then buy one if only to get this game and if you are unlucky enough to own a XBOX then sell it and get this. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.