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Product Reviews

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  1.  Meh


    Meh... not so bad.. didnt complete it and dont intend to. Game play is boring and the graphics are ok.

  2.  Awesome!


    Simply brilliant, all types of racing and graphics are the best i have seen for a racing game.. i dont usually play racing games but this one looked good and it exceeded expectations to say the least.

  3.  Essential


    Why use a controller when you can use this bad boy? Easy to set up.

  4.  Not the best fit, but very good on the whole


    Well made robust product, also it doubles up to use on a phone which is ideal if you don't already have one for the car.

    4/5 because of not fitting perfectly to my ears.

  5.  Great Game


    Gameplay and customization are the best features of the game, the only thing i felt let down by were the graphics. Although, the other two i previously mentioned made up for that.

  6.  Agreed, Best film ever just got better


    This is one of the blu rays that should be in your collection, if you haven't seen it. buy it and if you have... watch it again in HD.

  7.  Fun.


    Fun, but the replay value is poor on this title. Goof for the first few play, but only when you have 30 mins to an hour to spare.

  8.  New and better


    Yes, we all loved the old James Bonds... from his gadgets to his attitude. The new Bonds however are fantastic!

    From amazing car chases to awesome stunts, this film has it all. People who say that it is rubbish compared to the old ones are wrong, the new films are highly enjoyable and in some aspects better but it is not advisable to compare the two because they are different.
    Thanks for reading.

  9.  Cool and great price


    For 5.99 you can't really go wrong, i am not using it as a lighter, but only to display in my room. I enjoy looking at it and it seems a quality product. Would def recommend this to anyone looking for a resi display piece, i can't comment on the actual lighting part :)


    I bought a second one for lighting purposes and it is just as good as zippo at a snippet of the price.

  10.  Graphics good.


    Graphics good, gameplay ok, story bad and not to my taste. The game doesn't capture my attention.. i played it once and have not picked it up since. Maybe i should pick it back up. No one i know is that excited by it! Sort of like a birthday when you are older.. one of those things you think oh it could be good but turns out to be bad..