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  1.  Be a Pro


    The Be a Pro system will kick PES's ass! Need i say more 10 on 10 online mode, its going to be great. Ok so the demo doesn't have this feature but its still going to be better than last years mode. This is the way forward for all sports games and EA has had an extra year to tweak it to perfection. Downside, the shooting is still a little off with some shots that would be simple tap ins end up in row Z!!! But who cares it all looks and feels great. The through balls are judged by you to exact pin point perfection, and this means the keys to flat defences are there for the taking. The people complaining about not being able to beat opponents without using a load of tricks have forgotten one thing. If you try to beat say, Nemanja Vidic or John Terry with Titus Bramble as in real life in ain't going to work. Same in the game. Do it with Ronaldo or Deco and it comes off brilliantly.

    Fifa will take some beating his year and we'll have to wait and see if PES is up to the challenge.

  2.  The No: 1


    This game can't be classed as nothing short of sheer genius and worthy of every last little bit of hype its fantastic name has.

    I got this set on release night and i t was worth the money and the wait. The second you sit down and start playing it you become over awed by it. Any nay-sayers out there go up onto the Rotherdamn Building in Algonquin ( Their version of The Empire State) and take a look through either sniper scope or binoculars. Every detail is still there all the buildings are individual and the skyline isn't randomly lost in the thick of it. No matter where you look life goes on.

    Cars don't self destruct after a few bullets now either cop chases can last for ages without having to change vehicles if the Army become involved! Also no matter how high your wanted level is, the ability to out-run the cops is there. Its hard the more you have but doable, no more learning where pay + sprays are on the map by heart!

    Cars now react like real cars. If you hurtle round a tight bend you get realistic suspension jerks with under and over steer! this means even in the street races you gotta slow doen when you turn or your into a wall or a car on the opposite side of the street.

    The one and only downside to the game. Well..... we all know that helicopters are hard to fly in reality. Hence why you have to get an awful lot of lessons to even fly one on your own yet alone with passengers! But the situation in the game is ridiculous!! The SIXAXIS controllers are used for the pitch a nd angles but even when turned off its still near impossible to fly. Watch out for the buildings over three stories cause a hit about ten in about a kinute of flying.

    Seriously though if you just go get this work of art you won't be sorry even if you only get the normal edtion, its still worth it!!!

    Happy Criminalising!!!!!!!

  3.  Great


    this is quite possibly the greatest PC if not greatest game full stop ever made!
    ive completed it numerous times and still come back for more, since each time you play something different happens!
    it may not be as accessible as the Age of Empires series but stick with it and you will be rewarded!!!!!

  4.  Okay(ish)


    Look its never going to beat the likes of COD4 or Unreal but its still not that bad. It could be a lot worse (Kane + Lynch). The graphics are look unfinished. If you walk down a dead end alley it appears that you are standing in nothingness. Sometimes when sniping people from distance you aren't actually directly on them and you still make a hit, even on insane difficulty.

    The actual story is good, finally America gets invaded by the Nazis after the rest of us has had to deal with it for years.

    An okay first-person shooter, if want to pass some time, but there is a lot better ways of spending it.

  5.  Work


    I work in a shop that sells games and we sold out of this on both 360 and PS3 at the weekend i havnt played it just yet but if those selling figures are anything to go by this is a good game and well worth a look. Even if it is just so i can say thet a relative of mine is in it cause im a Lynch 2!

  6.  Hope


    The Books were deadly and i hope the games at least live up to half their legacy. the videos of the game make it look like any other movie tie-in but with the prospect of having a huge talking Polar Bear at ur side who wouldnt want that?

  7.  Deadly


    Truely assome + i got cheaper cause they sell them where i work! a must for any gamer who has a back problem the bass blows it out of u!