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  1.  MS's new controller, is it any good?


    I waited at my local Asda for an hour last night to get this and after eagerly handing over the money, i rushed home to try it out.

    The packaging was average and i found that because i had treat my 360 well (and as such i was running an early 360) i was rewarded with the faff of an aditional adaptor.

    After the firmware update - which was quite slow to download bespite having a very fast BB connection - i finally had a working Kinect... well, once i had cleared an enormous amount of room space and added more lighting. I see why they have large, wide open, overlit spaces in the adverts. But thats a small price to pay.

    I suppose the control of the dashboard is ok, although not very intuative to start with. However, Kinect isnt about dashboard control, its about game control.

    Im sorry to say that despite what you may have heard, this is far from the next generation of game control. Even allowing for the fact that this is new technology to MS, its still noticably laggy and lacks the precision of Playstation's Move or even the Wii's wimote, due to the (by modern standards) lower resolution camera. Its also obvious how much processing power this device requires to make it work, which brings me on to the next part...

    The game its self plays like a graphicaly enhanced Wii game, with all the inherant flaws there in. It then dawned on me, that this is a very limited controller, in terms of the games you could play. There are no buttons, so any action must only be gesture related. This may work acceptably for puzzle or maybe driving games but it certainly wont work for RPGs or FPSs.

    In summary, its an expensive accessory (let's not be shy about it, its nearly the price of a new console), which needs a quite specific environment to work in and has limited use/functionality for the average gamer. Yes, the technology is interesting but its technology for technology's sake.

    This control system is slightly behind the wimote and, sadly, miles behind the Playstations Move controller.

  2.  Sony Does It Again...


    ... Yet another solid, well thought out and phenominal piece of hardware.

    Compared to Nintendo's vague WiiMote, Move is fast and astonishingly accurate. No amount of twiddeling and waffing about trips the system up, the onscreen graphics match your movements perfectly without a hint of lag or sloppyness.

    It doesnt need to be pointed at the TV to work, unlike the WiiMote also because the end of the controlled is self illuminated it will work in absolute darkness, unlike Kinect - which also lacks control in the form of buttons.

    Speaking of which, the buttons on the Move controller have a good quality feel with good movement and feel. Its a nice touch that the illuminated orb at the end is a soft squashy silicone, as opposed to the expected hard plastic.

    In conclusion, this is a wonderful peripheral, well designed and well made.

  3.  Easy Flying Fun


    Despite what you may see above, this is a fun little plane.

    Yes, your first few flight times are quite short, but in time the battery life improves - as it does with most rechargeable batteries.

    Flying is easy, if you can use an ordinary RC car/truck/boat you can fly one of these. Just dont pull full left or right of your plane will fall out of the sky, just nudge it around tapping left and right.

    Oh, one thing that isnt explained in the manual. To charge the plane you have to turn the controller on and then off (while wired to the plane) to charge it up. I didnt know this and so i was nearly at the point of sending it back.