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  1.  AMAZING!!!


    I'll keep it short and sweet...don't miss out...buy it!!! Great stuff!!!!

  2.  Different class...


    This game is an absolute stunner. Totally different to what i' ve played before. Same kind of setup as GTA but totally different scenario. Unlike the last GTA where I got fed up of the same old same old, and got bored after a while, this game is keeping me well occupied. Don't buy this game if you want a divorse it's that good. I gaurantee you'll be on it every spare minute you get I promise. The funny thing is the more you get into the story the better it gets. Anyone who slates this game is having a giraffe!

  3.  Bugs city!


    I love the fifa series first and foremost however, this game is not up to the correct standards to be sold in my opinion. The game of 'football' is great. The manager mode is a shambles!
    I am playing as my club and when I get injuries or just decide to change my team around by selecting 'team management' it just crashes at the same point every single time. I can no longer change my team and when a player gets injured it comes up on the screen that I have not got enough players to play the next game???. I just have to forfeit until the player becomes fit? Stupid? I lose about 9 points coz of this. I have now moved to AC milan and now I can enter team management again - well for the time being at least. Only buy for a good price honestly.

  4.  Stunning Camcorder!!!!


    Look no further people this camcorder is amazing. It is the same specs as the HF-100 however it includes the internal flash memory as well as a memory card. (unfortunately my memory card was not in the box)
    This camcorder is amazing. the quality it produces is first class. It looks magnificent on my 42 inch plasma tv. It is clear as a bell, I just wish my hand was more steady lol. The only thing with this at this time of writing is it is currently priced on here at £779 and I just got mine a fortnight ago on here at £550. It has rocketed up i'm just glad my birthday was sooner. A must buy though folks but find it for cheaper!!!

  5.  Great Game...currently loving it...


    I just brought this game and I am really enjoying playing it. I was not sure what game to buy next, I know everyone say's gears of war 2 is quality and i'm sure it is but from my experiences with these shooter games on 360 GOW 1 and tom clances Vegas you tend to have helpers and they do a lot of the work for you...but not with this...trust me guys and girls this game is extremely enjoyable and also it has lots of different style levels which also makes this well worth buying!

  6.  I want this DVD


    Why can't you buy this quality DVD??? Come on someone out there this film is awesome.

  7.  Fifa 08 absolutely superb!


    I downloaded the demo last week and i have to say FIFA have done it again. I have played all the FIFA's and last years one on the XBOX 360 was quality and once again they have blown Pro evo away like it always does. I prefer to pick my team Tottenham and not East london fc in my opinion.