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  1.  good book!


    i was really curious about this book after reading mixed reviews so i had to buy it to see what the fuss was about, i thought it would be swearing all the time and them going on a bout being a vegan, but its the opposite, there is swearing but not as much as people make out, maybe a swear word every page, its full of research and facts to back up their points and the women are really clever and know what they are on a bout! there is a lot of useful facts about foods and dangerous ingredients in foods which is really scary to think that they allow such ingrediaents to be in food even though they can really harm us! there is a section about how animals are treated etc and as i am already a vegetarian and was made to watch a video on it, this book wasn't that bad, but i think everyone should read it as it explains how human bodies aren't made to eat meat; in carnivores they have more acid etc so they can digest meat and skin, humans cant, it also shocks you about some facts about meat (such as you may be eating meat that has been on the floor for weeks and was put in with he other meat), i think it had an effect on me as i also soon looked at cheese and milk differently although im not going to stop eating cheese and having milk but i am 100% going to cut down

    i would recommend this to anyone just beacuse of the interesting facts and it gives you the truth about foods etc

  2.  buy it! :)


    this is amazing, the best fitness dvd you can buy! i 100% recommend it! ts the first fitness dvd i have been able to do from start to finish without getting bored or having to skip parts! its really fun to do and it definitely works you really feel your legs ache afterwards! im 18 years old and i loved this! although i think it many not suit women over 40, i thought the woman would be intimidating but she really isnt! although you can see her bum in certain exercises which i thought wasnt necessary but looking at the girls flat stomachs motivates you, if you love to dance in your bedroom then buy this dvd and this music is great!
    i gave it 4 stars because its great apart from the toning section i found it too easy as i love a good stomach workout and i feel this section was too short, but for some women they would love it as you only have to do about 3 press ups in a row, but this lost a star for me

    but overall a 10/10