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  1.  Treyarch delivers yet again.


    The campaign is really good worth playing over again and again, strike force missions can get frustrating and i'm not keen on them being mixed in with the campaign. Graphics have definitely improved since the 1st one and weapons audio sound good but not great. Multiplayer is similar to MW3 but not as bad. Maps seem decent and the customization is still there but you have to rank up to unlock emblems i wasn't keen at first but it gives you a reason to play and rank up your weapon. I'm getting used to the layout now and have enjoyed it apart from bad lag and freezing issues. Zombies seems good but haven't it fully yet just nuketown. Black ops II is worth a go if you were a fan of the first but multiplayer is set in the future which means no maps or weapons are available like in the first black ops but makes a change. Overall Black ops II is a great game with a excellent campaign maybe one of the best. Multiplayer is still good but still room for improvement.

  2.  The best one yet.


    This is what spiderman should have been in the first place it tops the previous ones in every way. I was abit judgmental but i left the cinema happy wanting to see it again. People leaving negative reviews obviously don't know a good film when they see it. This one reminds me of batman in that its more serious than the previous ones probably the best film for 2012.

  3.  I'll Be Back.


    One of the best action films this year with plenty of violence and gore and with a bigger cast. What more could you possibly want? A must see for 80's action movie fans.

  4.  The Best Max Payne In The Series.


    I played the first max payne on ps2 and never completed it because i didn't like it so didn't bother with 2. After seeing the the screen shots and trailers this game looked really good so took a chance and bought it and to me its the best one i've played with a really good campaign also the graphics and gameplay are pretty good. The slow motion is really good and looks cool in gun fights. Top marks for the campaign as for the online well to me its pretty basic and not so addictive as other titles to keep me playing. Overall definitely worth buying 10/10 experience.

  5.  Stick with Mafia 2.


    After playing mafia 2 then playing this i have totally gone off grand theft auto. Gameplay is far too heavy and slow and graphics are below average. Seriously if you have mafia 2 then i would wait until grand theft auto V which hopefull will be improved. Mafia 2 offers better story, gameplay and graphics to me beats grand theft auto 4.

  6.  When it came down to it i went for Battlefield 3.


    Why are modern warfare fanboys rating if you cant handle it don't bash it. I played alot of bad company 2 then once battlefield 3 came out i was more than happy to buy it instead of modern warfare 3. The campaign is average with some good moments not enough to keep you playinig again and again but it does offer excellent graphics, destruction and audio even the co op is pretty decent. Multiplayer well its the king nothing comes close to it with really good maps and gameplay and a really good overall experience but my only problem is that the graphics don't seem to be as good as the singleplayer. Theres alot of fun to be had ok you do get dominated by snipers and ocasional campers possible cod players but the game is worth it even though modern warfare 3 had the better campaign. Cod players listen it requires skill and team work to win not camping the whole game. Anyone who liked bad company 2 i recommend this obviously for the unbeatable multiplayer or if your like me i like both cod (treyarch ones) i play both. SERIOUSLY MODERN WARFARE FANBOYS STAY AWAY!!! Yeah i have owned all cods except modern warfare 3 so im no fanboy.

  7.  Excellent solution for my PS3.


    I have been using wireless for my ps3 as my computer is downstairs and since i live low down the speed and signal isn't that good even for tv. I would have to buy a 20ft ethernet cable to get a wired connection upstairs to my ps3 so after searching around i came across these at 30 pound from play.com and checked reviews for ps3s and saw someone bought for xbox 360 so i decided to go ahead and buy these as argos were arouind 60-70 pounds for one. Since i have set-up these i would never go back to wireless there excellent and so easy to set up and now i finally have a wired connection for my ps3 which is upstairs. If your like me and looking for a wired connection without bying a 20ft ethernet cable the i cannot recommend these enough. 10/10.

  8.  The Rock just cant pull it off.


    I saw the trailer of this film thinking it would be pretty good but typical its another one of his low budget films. The story is really basic and does get boring. Lack of action is another problem theres hardly any and its lasts 30 seconds. For a wwe superstar i expected to see some fighting scenes but no. Its one of those films i wouldn't watch again or buy any films with the rock as the main actor as they are cheap low budget films with no creative thought gone into it. He maybe the most electrifying man in SPORTS entertainment but definitely not movie entertainment.

  9.  Great Aternative To COD.


    I've been playing call of duty since finest hour on ps2 and been playing online since call of duty 4 modern warfare. After getting up to 8th prestige on black ops i was getting bored doing the same thing again and again so i picked this up cheap for a change and all i can say is why i didn't buy this sooner it has much deeper online and a surprisingly good campaign to go along with it. This is my first battlefield i've bought so im still getting use to it but so far im enjoying it. Vehicles make a big change and ranking up is totally different to cod. I definatley prefer this online to black ops as it has much more to offer. I dont dislike black ops but if your getting bored prestiging i recommend this for a change. Im just saying its a great alternative to cod and im not going to hate on cod.

  10.  Excellent for £7.89.


    I purchased this network adaptor for the laptop and it works excellent. Takes just a few minutes to install and away you go in less than 5 minutes also its very straight forward to setup. The max speed is 54mbps which is pretty good considering wired is 100mbps where i live. This adaptor is faster than a direct connection to the router which takes longer to load up pages. Signal strength is excellent and thats with the router downstairs and the laptop upstairs. Does tend to heat up but its never failed. Anyone looking for a simple network adaptor i recommend this one and for the price at 7.89 its a bargain.