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  1.  Prometheus? Are You Seeing This.


    So what is Prometheus ? An Alien Prequel, A Spin off or Something a bit more ? Well I think it is all 3 of those and it is all the better for it.
    The story of this film centres on a group of Scientists and Explorers traveing to a small moon called LV233 (not to be confussed with LV426) to find an Alien group who might have set life on earth into montion. Once there the crew of the Prometheus find that far from finding their dreams, the moon holds nightmares. All this set up for a terrifying battle to save the future of mankind and the planet Earth.
    Im not going to say this is like Alien and Aliens and it is not Alien 5 but what it is, is a side step into the same universe and with the next Prometheus film all ready on the cards to be made and set to be out by 2014, im going to enjoy my journey into the darkest corners of the universe by watching Prometheus and the Alien Saga again and again.

  2.  The End of an EPIC Game Sereis.


    Some time after the End of Mass Effect 2, Commander Sharpard is back on Earth having been grounded by his Commanding Officers and having his ship The Normandy SR2 taking away from him. His freedom comes at a price when The Reapers, Masave machine spaceship that distory all life in the galaxy every 50,000 Years show up and start killling everying in sight. Having ecaped back to his ship and being renstanded to active duty by his good friend David Anderson. leaving his homeworld behind Shapard makes a promise that he will be back and bring every fleet he can to repel The Reapers from Earth.

    Mass Effect 3 is just masave in size and scope with a big core campain and miltiplayer action that ties in to it as well. All your actions and choices from the last two game go in to this as well make the 3rd and final game staring Commander Shepard even more interesteing as you do not play the same game twice. I hope this is not the last time we have a Mass Effect game although that is unlikey but it will be interesting to see what future Mass Effect games centre on and if they take place in the past or future of the Mass Effect universe given the ending of this game.

  3.  The Daemons and The Doctor


    I have heard nothing but good things about Doctor Who: The Daemons from friends of mine who have watched Doctor Who but never seen it before, so im glad it's coming to dvd in 2012 and in March as well. I got the new Doctor Who mag and read about some of the extra features on the dvd. It has a commentary with Katy Manning (Jo Grant) Richard Franklin (Mike Yates) Damaris Hayman and director Christopher Barry. Also it has the devil rides out, remembering Barry Letts and tomorrow's world looking at the technology to restore The Daemons.

    The Doctor Jo and Unit find themself's trapped in the village of Devil's End where the new vicar who is also The Master is using black magic to bring back an ancient daemon. Can the Doctor stop him or will The Master finaley have unlimated power.

  4.  Not Bad Ace Adventures


    When the 7th Doctor and Mel land in Iceworld, a space trading colony on the dark side of the planet Svartos they incounter not only an old friend from The Doctor's 6th life, Sabalom Glitz but a young waitress called Ace who found herself on Svartos by a timestorm, They all get themself's in an adventure involeing a madman called Kane who wants revenge on his homeworld and wants to use Iceworld to do it. The Happiness Patrol has The Doctor and Ace finding themselfs on the planet Terra Alpha were it is against the law to be sad. nothing and nobady is safe on this world controled by Helen A with the aid of her companion Joseph C and the most evil moster The Doctor has ever seen the robotic Kandy Man. The Tardis is also repainted a more happy colour Pink. Will The Doctor and Ace be able to stop Helen A or will The Happiness Patrol hunt them down as Killjoys. While never going to be classic, I did enjoy watching them when I was lent them on video by a mate of mine. look forward to the exters and interviews about the two stories, it only leaves one more 7th Doctor Story to come out, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy also another good 80's who story and one of the 7th Doc's best.

  5.  Vol 3


    The 3rd volume of Doctor Who : Revistations continues with Tomb of the Cybermen, The 3 Doctors and The Robots of Death. While these are good choices, I do agree with the other reviewer that The Ark in Space should have been on this Box Set instead of The 3 Doctors.

    If they do a 4th Revistations, the choices I would have is 1 -The Ark in Space. 2 - The Vistation and 3 - Ghost Light.

    Thanks for Reading.

  6.  A great 4 Doctor DVD


    After the events of The Deadly Assisan, The 4th Doctor is still traveling alone but all that is about to change when his Tardis lands on a jungle planet. He then meets a young savage girl called Leela who has been exiled from her tribe, the Sevateem. she then denounces him as the Evil One of fable amongst her people. Can the Doctor find out why is this and work with Leela to save her race from her mad god Xoanon. A malevolent artificial intelligence.

    Im looking forward to this release, another Top Tom Baker DVD and Leela's first Adventure.

  7.  Warp Speed Blu-Ray


    I had to order this Star Trek Nex Gen taster on Blu-Ray when I saw it on Play. With the first episode of the series - Encounter at Farpoint, Sins of the Father and The Inner Light it should give some idea of how Star Trek: The Next Generation will work on Blu-Ray, so ill be looking forward to sitting back and watching Next Gen - The Next Level.

  8.  Best of the 3


    I have enjoyed all the Transformers Movies but number 3 has to be the best one. Michael Bay has had a lot stick for Transformers but each one has been good in it's own way.

    The story tell of a long lost autobot spaceship, The Ark that crashlanded on the moon after the war between the autobot's and deceptacons. The U.S.A set the apollo program to send men to the moon. once on the moon the men find the Spaceship and the former Leader of the Autobot's Sentinel Prime. The finding of this Spaceship The Ark set events in montion that years later would give Megatron and the decepticons an advantage over Optimus Prime, his autobot's, and human friends and a chance to bring back a long lost planet ---Cybertron.

    A good movie and can't wait to watch it again.

  9.  Torchwood but different, is that a good thing ?


    Don't get me wrong I like Torchwood but the 4th series has been a hit and a miss, Capt Jack returns after being shown in a Alien bar in the Doctor Who episode The End of Time Part 2. Now he is back trying to find out way the whole human race is not dieing. Gwen Cooper along with her husband Rhys and newborn child is back being the only last member of the oringal team left after the death's of Ianto, Owen and Tosh. Now she is being a target for death by someone who wants to finsh Torchwood for good.

    The plot spred over 10 episode's but this time there are no aliens, who are doing this but human's who want to control human's all over the world and Jack is the Key to this. This is all hits but the miss come equal as it's 10 episode's work aganst the story with not enough plot to keep it working. I can't help thinking about when Doctor Who The Movie was made in the U.S. but something was wrong and it's the same thing here. I hate to say americanised like people have said about it but ths time I agree. It is a different series almost like a reboot and if Jack and Gwen were not prestent it could be something completely different, No Hub, No Aliens and No SUV. My last thought is if Torchwood is going to return is has to come back to were it begain, in the U.K, In Wails, In The Hub with Aliens. Will I get Miracle Day - Yes but is it the series I wanted - in one word NO

  10.  best series yet


    I could not disagree more with the reviewer who gave this series only one star. Sure this series is not 100% perfect but I have found Steven Moffat and Matt Smith's work on Doctor Who the best to date. Some storylines from the last series have come over to this one, with The Doctor still trying to find out why slience will fall, An impossable Astronaurt kills The Doctor 200 years in his future, who is the Astronaurt and why is The Doctor's death a fixed point in time. Amy must try not to tell Their Doctor, 200 years younger when she see him again that she, Rory and River Song saw this. River's back story is also told and how she meet The Doctor for the first time.

    I think this series is great. It sets up series 7 and continues with what Doctor Who is about, wonderful nonsense about a mad man with a box.