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  1.  Disturbing


    I watched the first and I was very dissapointed, it was rubbish, little sick. I liked the idea but it just didn't work and not as bad as I thought it would be. I am a horror film lover and there is not much that makes me turn away. However this is just plain sick, it actually made me ill and Its a good job it was in black and white. I had to turn away on bits and struggled to watch. Just to sick for words.

  2.  What happened with sequel


    I have to say I am a lover of most horror but a fan of Friday 13th and Halloween. After watching the first remake which I loved I was really excited to here Rob Zombie was doing the second. I am so dissapointed, in the original Michael has a clear agenda and iyes if someone gets in his way he would get rid. But in this film anything and everything he comes across that does not get in his way he brutally kills. His mum who was loving and caring has come back as some kind of a ghost to push him into killing so they can become a family. Hello she killed herself in the first over what had happened.

    Dr Loomis is another changed character, in the first he was so guilty that he could not help but in this he is just money grabbing and no thoughts whatsover for everyone who had been killed. As for Laurie Stoude well, in the first she was lovely and you were willing her to survive but in this one she was just horrible and at some point I wished he actually killed her.

    The only good thing about this film was the killing scenes they were trully brutal and shocking.

  3.  Disappointing


    Well I loved Wrong Turn 1 and 2 and can watch them over and over again without being bored so when 3 came out I was so excited. I really struggled to watch the film, made no reference to how they survived in the last film. I story was weak, and mostly filmed in the dark so the Wrong Turn gory scenes that we love, you just couldn't see properly. Looks like there could be another and unless they come up with something much better I won't be watching.

  4.  Fantastic


    I have had the dvd for almost 2 years and never get fed up of using it. I love the cardio box section and actually look forward to doing it, I only manage to find time to workout at home as I have a child but this really works you hard. It is fun, easy to get the moves, music is good and lively and really works up a sweat. I also do the pump session which you can really tell you have done it the next day. Brilliant DVD and would recommend to anyone.

  5.  Love this Cook Book


    I love Indian food and of course everyone loves a takeaway curry. I wanted to cook my own tasty food but without paying a fortune. This book is fantastic, the finished result is lovely and very easy to follow. You do have to make a sauce but once this has been made then you can go for it. You make a large batch and then you freeze it in batches and nearly all the receipes use this sauce. I have to say I enjoyed every min of making the sauce, word of warning you need a food processor or you will be chopping onions forever.

    For all Chicken Tikka Massala lovers in my opinion this was so much better than a takeaway. My friends and family loved it and have asked for the cook book.