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  1.  Awsome in a werid way!!


    Well its nothing like there first album which was very mainstrem. This album is very werid and made for themselfs. So if you got a freind who is half dog and half human you should buy it. But really if your in to weridish music like Beck and She Mob it your type of music. If not don't buy it!!



    Good flim game, I am having fun on it. And fun is what games are about. One downside,silly names for the bad guys like PROTEIN!!!!

  3.  I have sold it in a week!!


    Great phone only for the first day. You can not put pictures or music on phone from a computer. The phone plays the fisrt 2 seconds of the song. radondom pictures work from the computer. The camera is fantasic. Motion gaming very good. The headphones are to big for my ears and no there headphones are sale for it. Please could somone tell me if you get same headphones for the viewty thankyou.



    If you love mario kart or jak x or you watch the flim buy now!!! The race courses are better than mario kart but like mario kart and jak x you can't fire wepons but you can jump on enimes and bang in to them. I hate racing game where the cars havent got personanility but these have and they talk to you. They don't really hear the same phase in the same race mostly. So its cheap and fun what eles do you want? BUY IT NOW

  5.  Its to hards!!!


    I loved this game everything was great about till I meet the impossible level I had about 100 men and some trucks VS milions of bad guys. My army has got to attack a big building in the centre of the base. I done everything I even bought the walkthrow still couldn't do it!!!

  6.  I hate normal family guy but this is funny


    if you hate family guy like me. But you are a fan star wars get it!!! Its nothing like family guy insed of everything about sex it all about star wars its so funny. Don't miss out.

  7.  reviewing campain!!


    Everything is amazing adsept storyline. Its just like playing online with capture the flag deathmatch but playing against the computer. If you think of it being like gears of war think again!!! This would of been game of the century if it hadnt been for the storyline. Loads of blood just the way I like it with allsome wepons and vehicles to kill your enimies. WHAT A SAME!!

  8.  Time to kick some alien butt!!!


    Very good game, good puzzels and good bad guys some from the show. But it would be 5 out 5 if it had all 10 aliens.

  9.  Good game rubbish case


    I love the game play as all your favorite tranforms but the case is so bad compared to the Halo tin. I payed 50 pound for this I rather get the normal verson. The second disc all its got is some interviews but the halo ones got themes mini games everthing.

  10.  Its eye shocking!!!!


    When I got it for a gift. I put it on it looks amazing its looks like it been pained on its really great. If you are a Halo fan get this now!! There are others ones halo faceplates I say this one!!