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  1.  Excellent game buy it!!!


    Awesome game its like GTA mixed with Heavy Rain but better, great story, finished it there yesterday, plenty of playing hours and plot twists etc...buy it you won't regret it!

  2.  A bit much to compare it to Marshall Mathers LP but....


    definately a great album love it, after a few listens every track is great and different. wonderman is great as is simply unstoppable and of course the songs that have been released...buy it

  3.  great album not a bad song on it


    really love this have it on in my car all the time...the sign of a good album is that you dont have to skip a track and after a few listens you won't have to with this

  4.  not great but not too bad


    i have to agree with most of the posters on here in that this is no MW" but tbh i knew to expect that because Infinty Ward weren't involved in this one...that said its got a good storyline that makes u want to complete it...haven't played it online as my broadband is down. As one previous poster comented it is very 'Timecrisis' like not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing yet but its is diferent and nothing like MW2 (which isnt a good start)

  5.  use your head people


    As the two posters below have pointed out everyone commenting on here has done so on the basis of a demo, demos never truely represented the final game...that said i have played both fifa and pro evo demos and i still think pro evo is far better than fifa, it always has been and always will be a better game pro evo is more realistic style of playing...fifa is for young kids who like to do all the tricks and get nowhere and score easy goals...i haven't even played the jap demo being talked of below but i will still be buying this game over fifa!

  6.  bit of a let down TBH


    waited for ages to get this game believed all the hype...then got it played and was let down great idea for a agme just poorly executed...

  7.  massively overhyped...average with a few good laughs


    Like the title says its average with only a few good jokes...really can't see what all the bother was about...pinapple express is better or if you want a real laugh go and buy russell brands ponderland dvd weather you like him or not its the funniest thing on dvd...enjoy

  8.  sounds great!


    Hi guys, this sounds ideal for my phone i was just wondering is it compatible with my samgung tocco...thanks for your help

  9.  funniest thing on tv, buy this now


    As the others said this is hilarious brand is genius, watched the first series and rthe second series on c4 just before xmass both unbelievale can't wait for the second series to come out on dvd can be watched over and over

  10.  excellent


    Got this on friday and have been playing flat out, even took a sicky yesterday to play lol become a legend mode is excellent really adictive and like a whole different game in itself....graphics are great online play is great too...my only problem is that it is very difficult to defend the x button as a tackling option is pretty much obsolete, but it just makes for better online games because its a matter of if you score 3 i'll score 6 definately a must buy. Only playwed fifa demo but it seemed its old predictable self....prov better than fifa again