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  1.  Fantastic piece of work!


    This game was one of the best tittles I ever played.
    The atmosphere, story, level design, game play, character design and weapon design is simply fantastic. I've played on the more difficulty level and I was able to really enjoy it properly. I recommend this title to every gamer who liked Half Life and Bioshock.

  2.  Good special FX, but...


    Yep the movie has really good special FX but a ridiculous story. It looks like it was produced with the toy sell in mind. Noe that Christmas is around the corner, it may be a good gift to your kids...

  3.  Don't waist your money


    If the 1st movie is just one way to explore, one more time, the Alien and Predator universes, where some effort was putted on the story to gather these 2 characters on the same movie, I'd have to admit that the effort wasn't enough.
    The 2nd movie is much worse than 1st one where a nonsense story only explores violence, blood and terror.
    Why couldn't they live Alien I,II and III and Predator I alone?!

  4.  A good sequel


    This is a sequel for the 1st one, in my opinion, well accomplished! Is has a different style alright but it makes sense (not like the 4th) and the story is also good.

  5.  Very week prequel


    Movies like this one only serves one purpose: to fill someone's pockets. There was a try to join these two universes (Alien and Predator) but it should never had been put on screen. If this one is a bad movie, the 2nd is much worse.

  6.  Could be much better


    After watching the movie, if you want to fight some machines, playing this game will give you plenty of that, that's for sure. The problem with launching games along with the respective movies, is the fact that the game studio doesn't has enough time to mature ideas and concepts. This problem is well patent on this title. The cinematics could be much better, the atmosphere isn't involving as to expect from a title about the Terminator Universe, the music could use some variation and the way our avatar moves, could be better, like Gears of War, which was the first game to use this type of game play. You can still have some fun playing this game though. For all this I give 3 stars for this title.

  7.  Fantastic game!!


    I played this game after epic/microsoft had released the patch 1.2, which solved most of the problems other reviewers are stating. I didn't had a single problem running the game and it gave me really good hours of pleasure. This is a very good game full of action is beautifully designed scenarios with a good story. 5 Stars!!

  8.  Great Book!!


    I didn't finish to play the game, when I knew that were a book about the it's prequel. My only thought was "I got to put my eyes on it!" because Gears of War universe is really awesome and original. I have to say that I loved the book and can't wait for the next one. If you like the game, so you really need to read this very well written piece of literature that fills (very well) the gaps left on purpose by the game!

  9.  One of the Best


    This was one of the best games I ever played. It's not long, that's for sure but that isn't a requirement for a game to get high rate. This is a very intelligent and well done game by the creators of Half Life saga...I think that says it all!!

  10.  Subtitles unavailable


    I'm really a fan of this TV series and it's sad that I only found the first 3 seasons for sale. Anyways, this isn't about the availability of the rest of the seasons but the lack of the announced English subtitles. There isn't any subtitles what so ever. The package doesn't announce any subtitles, against the policy of the previous seasons, which is a shame, but Play.com announces something that isn't true. So if you need subtitles, this DVD isn't for you. This is the reason for not rating it with 5 stars.