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  1.  Leave this one on the shelf


    I bought this game because I had played the original sideways scroller back in the day when I was a kid and hoped that with the power of the PS3 I would be in for a treat. with play dot coms price this was cheap as chips. Worth a try I thought. I was hugely disappointed.

    Graphically this game is great. There is a brilliant storyline that captures the imagination and brings the story from the previous game up to date and does so with enthusiasm. There are some nice tutorials that get you accustomed to using the bionic arm and the sound and cinematics are first class.

    Technically however this game is poor. Way too many different button presses ensure that this title is perplexing and will lead to multiple deaths on even the most mundane of tasks. There is dodgy collision detection too. If you think that I am exaggerating think again. Imagine every time that you make a jump or a leap you end up worrying whether you will actually make it. Imagine that every time you encounter an enemy you find yourself fretting what button to push or if you are going to fall off a badly constructed platform in a badly constructed level. These are aspects that gamer; casual or experienced should not have to endure. And these are problems that players of the original title did not even have to think about. There are sooo many better titles out there that in my opinion this title compares badly in comparison.
    my view - save yourself the money and time and avoid.

  2.  Amazingly bad.


    I bought this film because although many people had put it down, I had seen the trailer with the special effects and thought to myself how bad can it be? To top it off a play seller had it for a reasonable price and Samuel L Jackson was in it so I thought go for it.

    How wrong I was...it's not just that the film is bad - it is very bad. There is no real script and a plotline that seems to be made up as it goes along. Characters are badly set up, have no personality or likeable qualities, appear for no reason and do totally odd things without any explanation which just makes the movie annoying. Add to that a main character which is just wholly unlikeable and you just end up hoping he gets captured and killed so the movie will come to an end. Even at the price I bought it for it was a waste of money and the only reason why I gave it one star is because at least the actors tried their best (and Samuel l Jackson is still the man) and the special effects aren't bad. It's a shame that special effects alone do not make a good movie.

  3.  Great game let down by niggling faults


    I was really eager to get my hands on this game - lets face it the very thought of being able to play the part of three of the most iconic movie characters of all time is an incedible opportunity.

    I went straight in as the predator and I was amazed first by the story line and then by the level of graphics in this game. The predator has some incredible technology. Fans of the movie will enjoy using his heat signature tracking or his cloaking and laser targeting. There are also some nice touches like being able to mimic the marines voices to lead them into a trap. I think this is probably the best predator experience I have played so far. The way the predator moves - leaps - and targets enemies is authentic to the movies and the death moves are fantastic to watch.

    Playing as the Alien is a slightly different affair. Raised in a test tube before managing to escape you receive messages from the hive and the queen on what to do. One of the best things about this games design is the way the tutorials are seamlessly weaved into the game play for each of the characters and each has their own story line. As the Alien your tutorial is their process of trying to domesticate you. I thought The Aliens movements were totally authentic and the death moves have to be seen to be believed. I thought the controls for the alien were polished but a little disorientating you can run on the ground or on the ceilng but sometimes this ability seemed to turn on and off at will. Still the speed at which you can run through the corridors is incredible.

    To truly witness the suspenseful nature of this game though requires you to play through as the marine. Tough and able to stand his ground the marine missions is where I witnessed the full levels of this game. All that toughness though only barely manages to even the odds. There are some scary scenes which had me jumping. The majority of the stages are just so dark and eerie I found my racing the second I heard the tracker beep that there was an alien presence nearby. It is here that I found the storyline most engaging.

    In terms of criticism I found the whole game way too short. There is just not enough of the game to play. I went online but in my view I found it only marginally better. There are some niggling faults too with online play. The game modes are good but I found it took me too long to get started and once the match is over it takes you back to the main screen without offering a chance to do a rematch. There also arent enough stages to play on. The cost of buying more stages as download content I thought was a little cheeky when there just could have been more of the game to start with.

    Taken as a whole though I think that this game still has lots to offer - the action the sounds the moves and the content of this game are very authentic and entertaining. There is no denying that this game both looks and plays well. Once there is a reduction in price this game should definitely be on you hit list. There are bound to be cynics who compare this to other first person shooters on the market but I could only take so many missions in war torn areas before I wanted a change of scenery. This game offers an opportunity to do just that. And what a great opportunity it is.

  4.  A great little gem


    Having played both previous games in the trilogy I approached this game with both pessimism and optimism. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game is a gem.

    You will be glad to know that Dead to Rights Retribution is a reboot of the franchise. Due to the poor reception of the second game the developers have for obvious reasons decided to take the story back to its roots and start over taking full advantage of the next generation hardware. Gone are the throwing of canisters and fire extinguishers in order to create explosions. Gone too are convoluted plots. Gone are the messy camera angles and in its place is full on gunplay fisticuffs greater interactivity between Jack Slate and his Dog Shadow and a great deal more playability for the title as a whole.

    Its obvious that the developers spent a great attention to detail and it shows. The levels are well designed and the storyline is well paced. You never find yourself out of your depth but always feel like you are up against the odds. Jack Slate is nicely detailed and credit to the developers for first rate cinematics and making sure that the scenarios he faces equate to a game that plays out like an action movie. There is always a fire fight always something happening.

    It is fiendishly hard to explain the game without giving too much of the story away but you play the part of Jack Slate. Those of you accustomed to action shooters like Stranglehold and Wet will probably already know the score; Tough cop tries to clean up dark city. As cop Jack Slate is up against the odds but what makes Dead to Rights different is the fact that you have Shadow; a canine companion of the part rabid wolf variety that you can call in to attack enemies on your behalf and retrieve guns for you to use.

    Being a dog lover I really liked the level of attention that was paid to Shadow. He has a really good AI and will get stuck in whenever you are in danger and at risk of sounding mad almost has a personality. Like the first game you get to control Shadow quite a number of times but now Shadow has his own missions and you can utilise his stealth mode which is quite similar to Arkham Asylums Detective mode. In this view you can see your enemies heartbeat and whether they are armed or alert to your presence. He has his own gory quick kills and you can use his bark to lure soldiers away from the others in order to take them down.

    Gunplay is swift but possibly could do with some refinement. After a while though it becomes second nature. However this game is not all about guns. Jack is impressive with his fists too and I was surprised to find quite a decent combat engine which enabled me to switch between guns and fists very quickly each with their own set of takedown and quick kills. At Jacks dispense you can disarm enemies order shadow to take them down take them hostage use them for cover or throw them over ledges and this is just a small example of the moves he has available. All of this though means that there is a bewildering set of buttons to use. In some sense this is great because it keeps the game play from becoming repetitive but other times it can be bit of a nightmare and results in you doing things you dont necessarily want to do. Thankfully it doesnt take too long to get used to but at times it is a nightmare. Another short fall is that old chestnut camera angles sometimes you are in a fight, backed in to a corner and just cannot see enough of what is happening this results in you needlessly getting hit shot or spotted. Not good.

    However regardless of its faults I really love this game it has. It makes a pleasant change and is immense fun to play. It also has lots of nice touches. Definitely worth checking out.

  5.  good but not great


    I quite enjoyed this game I remember king of the of the rocket men when I was a child and I even had rocket ranger on the Amiga when I was a kid.

    I was eager to play Dark Void because it has these elements and I was excited by the prospect of what the power of the PS3 could do to that kind of game. I was pleasantly surprised.

    You play Will a freight plane transporter who will take anything from A to B at a cost. One day an old flame asks you to do her a favor and in the process he flies over and gets trapped in the Bermuda triangle also known as the Dark void. Which has its own set of enemies the watchers.

    Obviously the key aspect of the game is the flight. Nothing I have played yet on the ps3 can quite compete with the feeling of flying into combat with a jet pack on your back; taking on flying saucers and other alien aircraft in a full on dog fight. To make things more interesting you can hijack the enemy aircraft and use their own aircraft against them which adds an extra element of variety to the tasks. Quite a lot of the hijacking is done in a similar vein to Prototype, if you have ever played that game it requires you to use a series of button presses to first get to the aircraft and then overpower the driver of the vehicle.

    Another strong point of the game is the 3D physics engine, attacks can come from any angle, both when you are in the air and when you are on foot. There are some excellent sections for example when you look down and have shootouts over ledges and when you are flying up from ledge to ledge. The game truly is 3D and an enjoyable one at that.
    I did find the controls to be a bit fiddly and a bit of trial and error, it takes just a bit too long to get used to them, once you do get used to them though you can pull off some incredible stunts and feel good in the process.

    My major gripe with this game is the missions, you would think that coming of Capcom this game would be solid, but quite a lot of the earlier missions are just plain pointless and, to be frank a waste of time. I ended up asking myself why am I even doing this. The sad thing is some of these missions do not even push the story forward and so feel a bit like padding.

    Another gripe that I had was that the combat engine did not feel complete, sometimes there are just so many annoying little firefights I just felt like sod this and I just charged in and went for the quick kills, in fact I ended up doing this a lot and succeeding on nearly every attempt. If that was in quantum of solace I would be dead. This just makes the shootouts pointless.

    Where this game is let down on though is the storyline, it has to be said Capcom has to named and shamed. For most part the storyline is great and the cinematics of this game are excellent, you feel like you have been thrust into a situation you cannot understand, and you step into the character and believe in what you are doing but for some small parts the story line is atrocious. Come on Capcom, you are the developers of street fighter and Resident evil. Did you come up with these parts on your day off?

    For the most part I found this game to be enjoyable and despite these faults still worth a foray into the Dark Void.

  6.  This is one for the kids


    I am really glad I shelled out the cash for this. I bought this game to help me bond with my recently acquired step daughter. She always watches me when we go to the arcade and I play Guitar hero. For me though I think guitar hero and rock band are just not child friendly enough. I heard about Lego rock band and despite the mixed reviews and the hefty price tag I thought I would check it out. How glad I am. Lego Rock band takes the rock band franchise and makes a concerted effort at making itself accessible, fun and playable.
    One of the strongest things about this game is the difficulty levels; you can set it so a family of mixed ages and ability can all join in. This gives it that pick up and immediate play factor and heightens in on the whole family game genre. My step daughter is just ten years old and had never played the game before but just imagine after a few minutes in the tutorial we were rocking out to Ghostbusters by ray parker junior, and You give love a bad name by Bon Jovi. What's more, as her skills improved the game kept up and she was still challenged on the guitar with chords, riffs and hammer ons, yes you read that right, hammer ons!
    I love the way the Lego aspect is used in this game, it is full of humour which provides much needed relief and to see the Lego versions of Freddie Mercury and Brian May move and sing along on set to their tracks has to be seen to be believed. It is also worth mentioning that just like rock band you can create your own Lego character to use in the game and they can be fun if you base them on yourself which is what we did.
    The set list is another great gem, it was really a neck and neck decision between this game and band hero, but in the end I went for Lego rock band because the tracks are just more fun. As with all of these types of games there are always a few less popular ones but this one tends to have the least.
    One last thing I would like to mention about this game is that whilst you can download tracks from Rock bands online content, because of its child friendly nature I found that tracks compatible were quite limited which is a shame. I would like to see more tracks to rock out to, 65 tracks might seem like a lot but in reality when it comes to repeated play which is what happens when you play with young children, you need at least 20 more plus downloadable content which is why I think I will be lucky if this game gets played at all after boxing day, which is a shame as it is great fun.

  7.  A good buy, just not the best of the genre


    Unlike the other reviewers here - I have never played the game and had very little knowledge of what the storyline was going to be about. I did however like the blurb on it (sounded a bit like event horizon which by the way is a brilliant live action film) and I am an avid manga/anime fan so at the price I thought 'what have I got to lose?
    So what do I think? The storyline to this movie is great, a mix of event horizon, aliens, and resident evil. You end up caring about the characters and for a cartoon it manages to build quite a lot of suspense.
    What is it? One word: Gory. Defiantly an 18 certificate - Limbs fly, people die this is animated war that I haven't seen for quite a while.
    The quality of the animation isn't bad but it could be better. I was also disappointed when I checked out the game to see that the actual game is CGI and it made me wonder why the animators had chosen not to use it in the film - it would have made it better and seamless.
    At the price it is still a good buy, just not the best of the genre.

  8.  What I was expecting and then some€


    To my confession I am indeed a manga/anime/comic book addict, I just can't get enough of them. Wolverine is one of my all time favourite characters so make no mistake if this film had been disappointing in any way I would have severely rated it down.
    Thor vs. Hulk is good but let's face it Wolverine vs. hulk is the 'main event' we came to see. I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed with either films. The directors and animators have stuck very closely to the comic books in bringing this animation to the screen. You can tell that they relished the challenge and wanted to do the comic books justice because the story is so well written and the quality and vibrancy of the animation and voice actors is top rate. They held nothing back.

    The only thing I would like to say is although it is a cartoon keep in mind the 12 certificate, there are a couple of scenes that fully deserve that rating. Wolverine truly is the best at what he does - and what he does isn't very nice...

  9.  amazing....


    I bought this for my godson for xmas - and after i checked it out i bought myself a copy.

    Samuel Jackson is 'the man' once again - breathing life into the anigmatic killing machine that is afro samurai.
    yes the storyline does have weaknesses, and yes some of the characters are weak and some of the things they do are just plain nuts. but the none of the weaknesses are enough to ruin the story - it holds together well and the fight sequences are amazing. The soundtrack is brilliant too.
    Check it out - at the price the 2 disc version makes a good buy.

  10.  Best conversion of the streetfighter story to screen


    The is easily the best version of the streetfighter story to screen. Bar none.
    Here we have for the first time at an amazing price both the english and japanese version. From the outstanding introduction to the end battle the story bolts along at an immense pace as both ryu and ken take on bison and his cronies. I love watching the way the fireballs generate in this movie and when ryu does a dragon punch or when chun li does her lightning kicks you believe their moves are going to hurt. There are also some funny moments too that made me chuckle. A couple of gripes - the english version just seemed like a port from the vhs version (the picture on the japenese version is a lot sharper) also on the japenese version there is no way to turn the dubbing to english - which means that to see the japenese version's extended 10mins or so you have to watch it with subtitles. I preferred the english version anyway with its rock soundtrack and pacier feel.
    For the price this version is unmissable - buy it