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  1.  Dan 'Spider' Shepered the new Jason Bourne/James Bond


    Big Fan of Stephen Leather from his early books such as Pay Off and The Stretch to his new Dan 'Spider' Shepered Novels.

    This books is very similar to his other Spider novels, fast paced, great twists and turns that keeps you hooked from page one till the end.

    In this book Spider is in Belfast trying to track down a serial killer who is extracting revenge on four IRA murderers who were realised under the Good Friday Agreement.

    Also another story is playing out that a rich Saudi has hired a hitman to kill Spider's boss and he gets caught up in the cross fire.

    I would suggest that you read Soft Target first then Cold Kill then Dead Men as the characters and story follow on. However you can read this a standalone and still be very impressed.

    Great book, great character.

  2.  Fantastic - Fastest USB stick I have ever used


    Great price and great little performer.

    The USB stick is instantly reconsigned when I plug it in to my laptop (windows 7) - far quicker then any other external drives I have used,

    As it is small in both size and capacity the transfer speeds are very fast.

    I have a 1tb portable external hard drive but needed some thing for the day to day uses and this has not disappointed. Great product great price - seriously considering buying the 16gb one

  3.  Fantastic - 1st Dan 'Spider' Sheperd (new Bond) adventure


    I have read many Stephen Leather books and am a big fan of his work.

    He in my opinion he is the UK's answer to James Patterson, his books are very well written with twists and turns to keep you hooked.

    This book we get to meet Dan 'Spider' Sheperd former SAS turned undercover cop.

    He has to get close to a large drug baron who is killing witnesses only problem is that he is in prison. Spider goes undercover in a CAT A prison. His life is at risk 24hrs a day.

    Great book great twists and great ending.

    Dan 'Spider' Sheperd reminds me of Jason Bourne/ James Bond, so if you liked those films you will love the Dan'Spider' Sheperd novels.

    Great character great author.



    Big Fan of S Leather and his Dan 'Spider' Sheperd books.

    This book had everything and I could not put it down. Very well researched and as usual very well written.

    There were some parts that were very disturbing, It really opens yours eyes on what the authorities do to keep us safe.

  5.  fantastic


    Directed like City of God - i.e amazing.

    Very good movie about the special police in Brazil - BOPE.

    Very violent as they try to police the slums of Brazil where the gangs are in control thanks to the oridinary police being scared and or corrupt.

    An eye opener to say the least!

    Elite Squad 2 is a continuation from this film and is as equally brilliant!!

  6.  Wow - A Sparkling Unknown Gem - must watch


    Wow - Fantastic Movie

    Not your polished special affects Hollywood blockbuster but a great movie never the less.

    A very endearing story about the struggles in the Slums of Brazil.

    If you enjoy this Elite Squad 1+2 are a must watch

  7.  A short but good thriller


    I am a big fan of Stephen Leather - this was one of his first books and it was good had a few twists and as usual very well written.

    My only gripe was it felt a little rushed most of his new book are about 580pages this was 240.

    Very easy read and hard to pit down.

  8.  Not his best but worth a read.


    Read many Stephen Leather books and this felt it was hurried. The plot was great and the middle was fantastic - classic Leather. However the end came to quickly and I was left thinking 'Is that it?'

    Enjoyed the book - not his best work though - Preferred Soft Target and The Stretch.



    Big fan of Mr S Leather - I usually read his 'Dan Shepard' novels like Soft Target and Rough Justice.

    I stumbled across this book and it was a gem! I could not put the book down until I had finished reading the whole thing.

    Lots of twists and turns as you follow Sam Greene as she takes over her husbands illegal empire when he gets sent to prison for murder.

    A fantastic UK crime thriller.

  10.  best price per GB


    In my line of work these portable external hard drives are a must have. This is my third hard-drive in the space of 15months.And to be honest they all work pretty much the same.

    I bought a WD 250gb and that is going strong - only problem is that the casing is showing signs of wear and tear after 15months, not the best build but does the job.

    I bought the Seagate Go 500GB middle of last year - fantastic product very sleek and slim, its longer then the Samsung but a lot slimmer.Again I have had no problems with it.

    I purchased the Samsung 1tb (actually about 930GB) last week and again it works just like the rest. It comes with a handy (leather?) pouch and is very quiet and does not over heat (to be honest I have not had a problem with over heating with any of the aforementioned drives.)

    I purchased this as it works out the best price per GB and I am not disappointed. All three drives transfer at a rate of 1gb per 60seconds (give or take).

    With advances in technology I expect to get a 2tb drive next year for the same price.