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  1.  Dead Good!!


    Red Dead Redemption is arguably the best video game I have ever played. The story of John Marston is enthralling and the gameplay (including wild west style shoot-outs) is exciting. But what made RDR stand out from every other game I've ever played is the stunning graphics and visual appearance. The fact you can spend hours riding on gallopping horses across the the great desert plains of western America and Mexico shouldn't be as addictive and enticing as it is. (Indeed, the term 'open-world gaming' couldn't be more accurate.) I have never, in over twenty years, never be physically 'taken aback' by the background scenery of a game. Also, for anyone putting off buying it because they're not into the whole wild west/cowboys image, well, neither am I. Which made Read Dead Redemption even more pleasantly suprising for me when I first played it. 5/5

  2.  Flying solo but flying high!


    It's been over a year since I bought this album. As a big Oasis fan, I had no doubts about buying it and was eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Noel Gallagher's long and successful career. Around the time this album was released, I was going through a pretty bad spell in my life and listening to Noel's soothing voice and hypnotizing guitar playing pulled my through it! No doubt! This album is the best music Noel has written since Morning Glory back in 1995. 'If I Had a Gun' is in the same league as Wonderwall or Live Forever... and I know this is great music because the people I work with, (who actively dislike Oasis and the Gallaghers in general), can often by heard singing along to 'Dream On', 'What a Life' and 'The Death of You and Me' over the radio. It's then I remind them of the genius who wrote these tracks. High Flying Birds is one of the greatest works of music I have ever had the privelage of listening to. Buy it and find out why...

  3.  great debut!!


    2009's album of the year!!

    I bought this after hearing the singles, and was very pleasntly suprised to discover how amazingly great it really is!! although it is a somewhat 'gloomy' album (every song is about death, suffering, etc.) it is still really enjoyable to listen to!!

    I recommend this album to everyone!!

  4.  great album!!


    I think this album might be Razorlight's best work to date!! Johnny is at his best on this album!! His singing sounds impeccable, and his songwriting is as good as ever!! imo, there are no weak songs on this very emotional and deep album!! (btw, my fave track is 'The House'!! I believe it's the band's best song...ever!!)

    Just don't expect this album to sound anything like thier previous albums, becuase it really doesn't!! but, although they were brilliant albums, that's not such a bad thing!!

  5.  great piece of work!!


    OK, first of all, it's almost impossible to compare this to thier previous albums, because it really is so different!!

    But, this is the band's best written album!! the lyrics are very deep and meaningful!! (especially on 'Goodnight, Travel Well', without doubt the 'deepest' song the band has ever written!!) Also, Brandon's voice, imo, has never sounded better than it does on this album!!

    Best song has gotta be 'Human'!! It's already a classic!! But really, I'm still finding it hard to choose a favourite, cos all 11 tracks really are, just so amazing!!

    This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best album of the year!! Can you really afford to miss out on it??

  6.  Well Done Monkeys!!!


    I'm not really a fan of Arctic Monkeys, but I have to say, this album is fantastic!!
    Alex Turner is a very talented songwriter, and uses very clever lyrics throughout!! Like I say, I'm not a fan of the band, but I can't get enough of this!!! It'll probably be looked back on in 10 years time as a classic!! (in the same way we look back on Oasis' Definitely Maybe now!!)...

    It took me a while to get into 'Riot Van' and 'Perhaps Vampires...', but the rest of the album is simply faultless!! best song, imo, is 'Fake Tales of San Francisco'...

  7.  u really need to, see this through...


    Although the self-titled album is my fave from blink, this is an amazing album, full of fun!! It's not all that hard to write music thats enjoyable, but it takes something special to write music that is fun!! and that is what Mark, Tom & Travis have done with this brilliant album!!

    The stand-out tracks are ovbviously the singles, ('The Rock Show', 'First Date', 'Stay Together For The Kids', 'Anthem Part Two'), but there are some other crackers on here, like 'Online Songs', 'Roller Coaster', 'Everytime I Look For You' (American Pie 2 Soundtrack) and 'Please Take Me Home'... but, seriously, every song on this album is awesome!! just awesome!!

    (btw, I when I ordered this album from Play, it came with the bonus track, 'Time To Break Up'..good tune..)

  8.  Deserves All It's Glory!!


    well, I suppose I'll just be repeating what most people have already said bout this album!! oh well...

    If you exclude the 2 swamp song tracks (6 & 11), u have 10 amazing songs!! written at the point in time when Oasis were, as Noel rightfully put it, bigger than God!! It contains four iconic singles that will never, can never, go out of fashion ('Some Might Say', 'Roll With It', 'Wonderwall', 'Dont Look Back In Anger') In fact, those last 2 both have a shot at being named 'best song ever written' imo...

    but why this album is so brilliant, is that the tracks in between the singles are just as good!! 'Hello' (possibly my fave Oasis song!!), 'Hey Now!', 'She's Electric', 'Cast No Shadow'... on any other album, they would be the leading singles!!!

    2 songs that weren't released as singles (well, not in Britain anywayz) are 2 amazing songs that probly should've been!! 'Morning Glory' and 'Champagne Supernova'!! the latter being an amazing song, full of emotion...

    at the end of the day, if ur reading this, and u've never heard some of these songs, then u really are missing out... on a piece of British Music History...

  9.  pretty good album!!


    OK, so this album is not as good as the 4 albums released before it, but it's still a very good piece of work from the band!! What this album lacks, compared to those other 4, is songs that u can instantly get into!! ('DM' had 'Live Forever' & 'Supersonic'. 'WTSMG' had 'Wonderwall' & 'Dont Look Back In Anger'. 'BHN' had 'Stand By Me' & 'D'You What I Mean?'... etc.) but there are some gems on this album...

    ...like the #1 single, 'Go Let It Out'. Another cracker is the dark 'Gas Panic!', (imo, one of Noel's greatest songs!!). but, like the rest of album, it takes a few listens to get into it!! but when u do, u'll love these songs!! other examples are 'Sunday Morning Call', 'Where Did It All Go Wrong?', 'Who Feels Love?' and 'Roll It Over'...

    overall, it's a pretty good album, and deserves more credit. but it just isn't as 'instant' as Oasis' previous material...

  10.  A very under-rated album!!!


    This is album contains some of Oasis greatest works!! and, imo, shows off Noel Gallagher's skills as a songwriter better than other Oasis albums!! The songs, especially their lyrics, are deep and meaningful!! I'll admit that this album probly isn't as good as 'Definitely Maybe' or 'Morning Glory', but, it's still a personal fave of mine!!

    It contains two #1 singles, 'D'You What I Mean?' and 'All Around The World' Both long, drawn out songs, but that shows Noel's skills, that these long songs keep u listening right the way through!! It also contains the brilliant single 'Stand By Me', as well as the beautiful 'Dont Go Away'!!

    Some songs like 'Magic Pie' and 'Fade In-Out' are kinda slow, and my seem 'bloated', but, they are top tunes!! and if they are too slow for ya, then listen to the fast rockers on this album, like 'It's Gettin Better (Man!!)', 'My Big Mouth', 'Be Here Now' and 'I Hope, I Think, I Know'...

    Overall, I can't understand why a single song off this amazing album didn't make it onto 'Stop The Clocks', but, there's a lot on here that deserved to!! (btw, at the time of writing this, it's priced at £3.99!! and trust me, it's worth a lot more than that!!!)