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  1. MySims


    Nintendo DS

    2 New from  £24.89  Free delivery

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    This game is really good, *its suppose to be designed for the younger age but im older and i think this game is really great. the graphics are great and you can do lots of things, like change clothes, buy clothes, buy things for your house, talk to everyone, buy cakes and flowers, also the mini games are great e.g tennis and making flowers and taking pictures. you can also never really complete the game because theres always more to do! just wish the characters talked out loud to you
    Overall Rating Great!

  2.  Fantastic!!


    The beggining is really good how you have to answer questions to determing what pokemon you will be, also how you get to pick a friend to go with you. Also the story is long so your playing for hours and you get addicted! The story is also interesting and you get really into it. The graphics are great. Sometimes you get to choose which way to go for example left or right and one way is wrong and one is right. You can aslo collect lots of different things and earn money by doing jobs. Its really addictive and a must have game
    Overall rating amazing

  3.  Amazing!


    Best game for xbox 360 ever. The graphics are fantastic the people look so real, the graphics are some of the best ive ever seen. The story is great and you get to make your own descions in all conversation, there are also lots of side quest which are just an extra bonus to this amazing game. You can also level up and upgrade your character and weapons. A great aspect of this game is the way you will want to play it again after you complete it to further upgrade your charater and weapons and also to pick up anything you missed first time round. Also its so cheap for such a good quality game!
    Overall rating fantastic

  4.  OMG! boringgg


    Ok.. Well at first when you play the contestant and you pick the boxers its not that bad, but the game is over in like 5 minutes, and when you play the banker its even worse becauase they never acccept your offer unless you give them like over 30 thousand, i really expected more of this game! It might be cheap but for the quality of this you should be paying like 5 pound
    Overall rating dull

  5.  Billiant But Irritating


    Yet another classic mario game! Well there are 8 worlds altogether to complete but to get to worlds 4 and 7 you have to defeat the boss in the last world as mini mario which i think is a good twist but difficult. I found world one easy but got harder as it got to worlds 4/5. The enemies are pretty much the same and yet again you have to save the princess. Also there is additonal features like making mario really big and really small. The graphics are great (always are on ds though) the only thing that really dissapointed me is how you die so easy and have to go all the way back to the beginning of the level! You get really irratated sometimes, even though its still a addictive game thats fun.
    Overall rateting great

  6.  Really Good!


    Just like in all other good pokemon games you get to choose what type of pokemon you want at the beggining (fire.grass.water) also you can interact with all the charecters and find out lots of stuff and people give you helpfull things which is great! You can also go in practacly every house..you can explore everywhere and the story is brilliant, you can never really complete the game because theres always more pokemon to catch and to level up. I have been on the game for about 40 hours and i am still finding new things! The only thing that disappointed me was when you just keep runnnig into to wild pokemon constantly, but that may not bother you.
    Overall an amazing game

  7.  The Simpsons Game...Brill!!


    I thought that it was a bit easy to start with, but when i got into the game it was quite challenging. Also i thought that the cutscenes where quite funny and also the pet homer thing was really fun and a great extra.The game is quite a long game took me quite a while to complete.