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  1.  "And i thought Dean Cain's Clark Kent was bad!"


    How i wanted to love this film! Having grown up, like many, with Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel we've undoubtedly been spoilt. Bryan Singer knew it was going to be tough to live up to the Richard Donner films and he should have waited a little longer before going into this long awaited prequel. Set between Superman's 2 and 3. Superman Returns, hence title, from a 7 year flight to where Krypton was; in case it was still there.....hhhhmmmmmm to find his true love Lois Lane married to Perry White's annoyingly understanding nephew and with child!
    Poor old Brandon Routh (Australian/Chiseled/Unknown), is so out of his depth with the portayal of Clark Kent that the whole film is under a huge believabilty strain from the first glimpse of him wearing those glasses! His bumbling, nervous clumsiness is so poorly executed that i literally found myself wincing during his "golly, swell and jeepers" moments.
    If you don't think this will bother you when you watch the film then i'm sure you'll love it.
    On a positive Kevin Spacey is an impressive Gene Hackman...er i mean Lex Luthor! and there is a twist to keep your attention until the last scene.
    Bring back General ZOD!

  2.  Weezer are a Rock Band! They've remembered!


    After Rivers' attempts at combining Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop on Raditude, to the disbelief of many fans, Hurley is undoubtedly back to basics.

    A prolific fusion of Blue/Black/Green (former albums) with an assuredness for clever lyricism and beats that have been missing on recent albums.

    'Memories' and stand out track 'Brave New World' will help ensure that the Guitar focussed 90's fans are back on board.

    An album of this quality every 12 months would be welcomely received!

  3.  The Most Original Band On The Planet!


    After 'Demon Days', with it's tap-along bass lines and instantly enjoyable pop beats, i started listening to 'Plastic Beach' having only heard the single 'Stylo'.
    Yet again the sound is vibrant, fresh and pretty ballsy when Albarn & Co. could've churned out a series of chart-toppers (if they so wished) Japanese Classical music meets Snoop, goes casio electric, then bass (Stylo is definitely a grower!) throw in a narrated track and some superb collaborations not to mention a few laughs and you've got 'Plastic Beach'.
    16 tracks that will offer something for all tastes. Its been the only thing i've played in the car since Monday 8th, and i've been in my car for 12 hours!

  4.  Deluxe Edition is a MUST!!!


    I'm a Weezer fan. (don't stop reading yet)
    I listened to this album with as open a mind as possible and its undoubtedly their best work for years.

    What makes the album is the sheer variety. The first four tracks demonstrate Weezer doing what they've always done but also taking a few risks....can't see 'Heartsongs' going down well with the Kerrang crowd! (Though I think its beautifully written)
    'Greatest Man That Ever Lived' starts in a Hip-Hop mood and ends up somewhere around regimental band! Just when you think you've got the song sussed its off on a totally new tangent.

    It has to be said i'm not sold on the whole 'let the other guys have ago at singing'. 'Thought I Knew' is downright poor and while 'Automatic' might almost save the day in the shared vocals department, it's still not a patch on the Rivers tracks.

    What makes the deluxe worth buying are the 6 Bonus tracks. Again raw, experimental and with varying results 'King' (Bass player on vocals) sounds like something Nickelback would do! In terms of repeat listenings its the'Life Is What You Make It' cover that makes it all worthwhile.

    Even with its flaws it's an easy 5*er!

  5.  A Must-Have For Weezer Fans!


    Anyone who knows of Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) will probably be aware of how unbelievable it is that he has found the inner-cofidence to allow the world to hear him in his rawest state.

    This awkwardly shy, yet driven musician has produced a collection of demos and 'didn't quite make it tracks' that are both a joy to behold and a real eye-opener.

    The 18 tracks scoot around the time line of Rivers' life with the CD liner notes detailing the reasons behind the composition, plus the lyrics, and why it has never previously been aired.

    'Alone' holds many poignant moments. 'Songs from the Black Hole' was Rivers' attempt at writing a musical version of Red Dwarf (UK Fan reference) and very funny it is too. It would have made a surreal follow-up to the Blue Album! (Glad they went with Pinkerton!)

    'Crazy One' describes a girlfriend who broke his heart... you can hear Rivers whimper at the top of this track (still hurting from the recent events) and 'This Is the Way' may show the direction that Weezer are heading in.

    Some of the demo-tracks are unashamedly raw (duff vocals are left in) yet the album never suffers for it. Instead it delivers a revelatory insight into Rivers Cuomo and ultimately carries some damn fine tunes.

  6.  Pure American Escapism


    Tango & Cash is without doubt one of Stallone's best films. With great action, excellent soundtrack and more humour and one-liners than you could wave a stick at.
    ie. Cash: "When we get out of here we can grab coffee and a Danish."
    Tango: (with reference to his former money grabbing wife) "I hate Danish."
    Tango & Cash has it all.
    Will there ever be a special edition DVD with a Stallone/Russell commentary track?

  7.  James Woods is the most 'comicly' intense actor.....EVER!


    Okay this isn't the most artistically stimulating film you will ever see. If you buy this expecting that, then you're an idiot.
    The Hard Way is John Badham's mad 90 minutes. From the frenetic opening to the hanging from a billboard's cigarette this film will grab you by the face and pull you in for some first class escapism that only Hollywood can deliver this well!
    The film is especcially worth watching for James Woods' portrayal of a New York cop on the edge. He is truly electifying to watch. While he snarls and swears better than anyone the scene that sticks in the mind is when he, drunkenly, attempts to flatter a gender confused Micheal J. Fox. Total lunacy.
    Buy this film now!

  8.  "Frank. Just between me and you. How old is Joe Louis?"


    In Coming To America Eddie Murphy and his sidekick Arsenio Hall are on top form. Playing almost all of the film's characters themselves they look like they enjoyed making it as much as you will watching it! Short on great one-liners but full of amazing comic set-pieces.
    The barber's salon is genius and listen to the cheezzzzy 'Soul Glo' sax as Darryl drives his T-top. Gut-achingly funny.

  9.  "He can eat things that would make a billy-goat puke!"


    The classic one-liners spawned by this fantastic film!
    1. "God didn't make Rambo...I did!"
    2. "If you're gonna send that many men remember one thing....A good supply of bodybags!"
    Forget the reviews that say the moral message is twisted and that Stallone's character portrayal is extremist. WHO CARES!!! The film is superb. Forget the politics surrounding Vietnam. Just watch this film and let it take you to the place that all good films should....Escape!

  10.  "Damn it Rock! Ya ain't been hungry since ya won the title!"


    In Rocky III Sylvester Stallone crafted a film that mass-America couldn't get enough off. It's by no stretch of the imagination as profound or heartwarming as the original. It's strength is in the 90 minutes of pure adrenaline that are thrust onto your screen.
    The plot is obvious (Don't expect suspense)
    The characters are sheer fantasy. (Which isn't a bad thing)
    And in Rocky III you will have 80's Hollywood crowd-pleasers defined like nothing else!