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  1.  mixed feelings


    Graphics 8/10
    Campaign 7/10
    Lara croft 9/10
    Overall = 4 stars.
    This is because i was playing on casual explorer (the easiest level) and ive basically had to watch walk throughs on youtube throught out the whole game. Its frustrating and controller breaking. But overall its a good game because it isnt bad. Its just hard and you need to put in efforrt, espically if you want achievements.

  2.  Best of Snoop Dogg!


    By far snoop doggs best album
    If you like those deep hip hop beats and true lyrics with people such as the game, dr dre and ice cube then get this album.
    Its perfect for only 5 pounds!

  3.  amaze


    The cd is again brilliant from t-pain but im not sure its one of strongest yet from his previous album. But! Everything track is worth listening to, i found the ones which were featuring another top artist were the best ones such as. Cant believe it with lil wayne. Therapy with kanye west. Freeze with chris brown and much more. Worth adding this to your t-pain collection

  4.  ok,,, on demo!


    This demo was also veery quick to download just to mention

    It will take a while to get use to the weapon system but its not that bad. The slow motion is best effect to the shooting! The graphics are superb. But my self didnt find some parts scary,
    Maybe because i had the light turned on and the sound not that loud!

    Hint hint!!!

  5.  Only £209.00


    I bought my xbox elite yesterday from game for 240 + 2 year warranty for an extra 25 which in my mind is sick! :D

    But the elite is the elite the sounds does not make a difference at all believe i noticed it straight away. But you want to play your xbox 360 peacefully then simple. When inserted a game go to the dashboard go to the bit were it says e.g play cod: World at war and if i remember press y and then it will let you burn the disc to your harddrive! 1, Much more quiter you cant hear the disc 2, keeps the xbox cooler 3, most probably makes it harder the xbox to get red lights.
    But a great console buy it especially at this price!

  6.  Quick ?


    You can put a hdmi cable into this xbox and into your television right?
    Because although it does i need to hear it from somebody? I believe all of the new xbox 360 generation consoles like the arcade used to be core, this one used to be 20gb and the elite all have hdmi ports etc.
    Just let me know if im right

  7.  TV is sick


    This tele is good for what it is and how much it is is a bargain. Easy to set up and takes a minute or less to find channels then you can go to playing xbox or whatever. You can change the picture and sound to preset modes such as game sport and cinema. Well worth buying =]

  8.  Wow!


    i've just been looking through blue ray dvd players and this will improve the picture without blue ray. looking forward really forward to buying this aswel at will match with my samsung 32inch 4 series which is also a great bargain

  9.  Listen To The Good Reviews!


    Need For Speed: Undercover = better then prostreet!
    only take notice of the good reviews because people who do not like this game are people who simply dont like need for speed.
    i was dissapointed with prostreet, undercover goes back to street races, cop chases and a unsuspected story line.
    good points: they is a massive range of cars split up into regions to make it easier to browse. the game puts the driver to the test as their are plently of cop challenges (loose the cops, break over £20,000 and lose the cops, destroy 5 cops and evade) for achievement seekers your in luck. the races are not that much repitive!
    bad points: the gps system automatically finds the nearest shop or event closest to you, press up on the key pad and it will take you straight their (or down cnt remember) the amount of races and the story line is short and could be more full-filling. online is not the best due to popularity! i got the achievement for completing all events but did not get 2 achievements for races! i was screwing!

    overall i good game and varulable at this price!

  10.  good


    If u r using wired connection it has to connect straight to your hub, or wireless simply it can connect. Xbox wouldnt be the same with out this. Thats why they sell it