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  1.  Very tough.. and very awesome


    Well after 80 hours, I have finally completed my first play through of Dark Souls, and it was quite a journey! This is a game of questing in a cursed land, following helpful hints from online players, teaming up to defeat gigantic demons, and fending off hostile invasions by other gamers.

    If you have played Demon Souls then you will know exactly what to expect here, except this sequel provides many improvements. The sounds and visuals are outstanding, the environments are even more sinister, and this time you have a huge world to explore. The scope for character customisation, and the amount of different enemies, rewards to find, and sheer things to do, is staggering. You start off with nothing but a broken sword in your hand, but time and patience are certainly well rewarded (in the end my pyromancer/knight hybrid became a match for anyone!).

    So why only 4 stars? This game is described as hardcore and that is an understatement. Some parts are so difficult they will drive you to despair, (though the sense of triumph you receive is very great). The game also explains very little to you and at times can be unfair. Large parts, such as hidden areas or joing various cults, can be passed by totally unoticed, which is a shame as they add much to the playing experience. Henceforth I felt I had to read tips and hints on the internet just a little too much.

    To sum up, this is not a game to be played casually. However if you are able to invest the time, effort (and research) you will discover one of the finest games of the year.

  2.  Great game, but true fans will be dissapointed.


    I was chomping at the bit for this game, being a huge fan of Dragon Age Origins, and its fair to say I was expecting another hefty dose of RPG excellence.
    From the offset the game positively glistens with potential. Your character is a lowly warrior fleeing the Ferelden blight to an all new land seeking fame, fortune and adventure. The visuals are very fine, the combat is more brutal and fluid, and one again the voice acting is superb.
    However as the end draws near, a sense of disappointment becomes hard to ignore. There are dozens upon dozens of quests, though far too many are instantly forgettable, and you find yourself constantly travelling through the same old territories. The finer details of the game have been outrageously simplified and customisation of your team is severely limited. It may be that the first game set the standard impossibly high, but your companion characters definitely seem inferior, and certainly not a patch on Morrigan and Alistair! Finally, the main storyline seems to lack any real substance when compared to saving the world and slaying the Archdemon in Origins.
    Despite these moans, it's still a quality title on its own merits. I never lacked motivation to see it through to the end, and for fans it still offers 50+ hours of Dragon Age action. If Bioware can combine the combat and visuals of this game with the epic storyline and unforgettable characters of Dragon Age Origins, then the third game should be incredible.

  3.  I would give it ten stars if I could


    It's taken a year to arrive on the PS3 but it's worth the wait in every way.

    An alien horde is practicing genocide against the human race and only Commander Shepard can stop them. Brought back from the grave by a clandestine organisation and given free roam of the galaxy in the awesome Normandy spacecraft, you will uncover countless plots, recruit an incredible cast of characters and then finally take the fight to the insidious Reapers.

    This game has too many plus points to list! The graphics and presentation are top notch. Character interaction is indepth and always entertaining and the third person action works faultlessly. The fact that your AI controlled squad mates are actually useful in combat is also a rare achievement in itself. If you are after an addictive adventure game that combines shooting action with an impressive cast and superior story telling, then look no further.

    A thorough play through took 70 plus hours and I'm ready to go again. The story contains so many choices and variations that a second completion could be very different from the first.

    The game is a riot of thrilling and atmospheric missions and the epic journey draws you in and refuses to let go. In short few games can compare and I would consider it an essential purchase.

    (And if you find yourself stuck as to what class to choose, be an Infiltrator with the assasin cloak and Widow sniper rifle. You'll be very glad you did.)

  4.  A fine PS3 exclusive


    I was waiting quite some time for this to receive a European release. As such I was heavily involved with other titles before finally picking it up.... and how I wish I had bought it sooner. This game is beautiful, brutal and brilliant.

    The game is also merciless! You wil spend many hours exploring the lengthy stages and every foe will punish your slightest error. Souls are the curency in this game (used to purchase gear and upgrade your character) and you claim these from every enemy slain. If you die, you can reach the point where you fell and reclaim your stash. However should you die on the way there...you loose everything! This may sound a little harsh and this game is extremely hard and has no checkpoints or even a pause button. However it is also fair. if you plan your moves carefully and learn from past mistakes you can overcome any obstacle.

    The graphics are very fine and portray a dark and unerving atmosphere, the boss demons are extremely imaginative (and hideous!) and the combat is fast paced and satisfying. Like all good RPG's you start with the bare minimum but with time and effort you will develop a character of imense power. The game is further enhanced by playing whilst online and adding the excitement of being invaded by other players ... who will show you no mercy and provide one hell of a fight.

    To sum up, this an extremely fine RPG and an imensely rewarding experience with many hours of demon slaying action. Five stars.

  5.  Truly excellent story driven RPG.


    I've been waiting for an epic RPG to get my teeth into for quite some time and I have to say that Dragon Age Origins certainly delivered.

    The Grey Wardens stand on the brink of extinction and a vast and seemingly impossible task is laid out before you. Chose to be a rogue, warrior or mage and prepare for many hours of adventuring, looting and demon slaying with your trusty companions.

    Personally I found the control system to work very well, it simply takes some getting used to, and though the graphics appear slightly dated when compared to other recent titles, the presentation of the game is very appealing.

    If you're thinking of buying this game, ask yourself a question. Do you take the time to follow a game's story and watch the cut scenes and actually read the dialogue as you interact with other characters?

    If the answer is yes, then you will love this game. The story is sweeping and engrossing, moral choices of great significance must be made, and the development of relations with the other denziens of an intricate world, is handled brilliantly.

    Overall I would consider this a must buy for RPG fans, and I certainly havent been this hooked since the glory days of Final Fantasy 7.

  6.  At long last...


    Growing up in the 80's provided a plethora of timeless cartoons and classic childrens tv, but in my memory the epic Starfleet rose far above all of them.

    Against a haunting outer space backdrop, starcraft wage explosive battles, valiant heroes are slain and a sweeping plot unfolds. Even now the bitter struggle of X Bomber and Earth Defence forces against the fanatical Imperial Alliance, creates a sense of wonder.

    The detail in the vehicles and sets put Gerry Anderson to shame and the cast of memorable characters is extrordinary. Who could forget the utterly despicable Makara? or the stoic defiance of General Kyle and Doctor Ben? Then there was the most sinister looking alien battleship ever commited to film and the Starfleet fighters combining to form the unstoppable Dai-X robot..... and to top it all there was the awesome theme tune!

    The only bad thing, is the shocking revelation that a second series was planned.. but never happened due to the loss of the original Japanese sets in a fire...noooooooooooooooo!

    Highly recommended, its even better than you remember