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  1.  Disgraceful...


    I thought this game was an absolute disappointment. There is nothing good i can say about this game. It is a disgrace - nothing on there works properly, the sounds are awful. I can't believe they let that game be named wii music... Compared to wii sports and wii fit... Its ridiculous.

    Do not buy this game.

  2.  Yes Sony!


    I was lucky enough to get the beta and oh my god. Everything about it is excellent! The funny voice overs and videos, the create mode, the story, the ps eye functions (you have the ability to make stickers out of pictures you take of anything! And then you can stick them on a 3d object in the game, cut round it) and oh my god its epic! No jokes, online is awesome, co-op play is brilliant, (haha you can slap each other):) the premade levels are awesome... Its all incredible. No jokes. And a ps3 exclusive!! Sony have finally got an epiccc exclusive!!!

    Order it now, then add me:) psn: Alexcrone

  3.  Brilliant


    This has to be the best war film i've ever seen, and i have seen a lot. The acting it five star, Mel Gibson and Chris Klein are two of my favorite actors and they are both AMAZING in this film. If you are unsure about buying this, PLEASE take my advise and DO. - 1. The movie is INCREDIBLE and 2. Blu-ray is also Intense. I am going to force my dad to dish out some cash so that i can buy this. It is a Must See for any war film lover. -

  4.  LOVE IT


    this is probably my favorite war movie of all because, it not only focuses on the AMAZING fighting in it, but it gives you lots of info to get you involved and attatched to the characters, therefore making the deaths a whole lot more dramatic - and i like it. and plus i like Mel Gibson and chris Klien:) AMAZING



    The demo on my ps3 for the game is the best demo out of all on the ps store!... ITS AWESOME! you can invite friends or join a game seemlessly in game and no loading screens and you are just driving around and then you can just go straight from offline carreer onto an online match .. i can hardly explain it in words! its like nothing ive ever seen before...! just get the darn game and try it out when it comes!! its amazing - definately buy for me! - ADD ME please - alexcrone

  6.  its good


    you can even use it as a controller in games lol but with no analogue stick:P but yeah, its great. My dad bought it for watching Bluray movies - didnt really want it myself to be honest but yeah - its good! had no problems with it and ive had it for a year or so now!

  7.  MUCH better than expected


    just saw it and 1. it is MUCH better than the first one... 2. it is the perfect film for anyone who loves a load of gore and things like thattt.. though overall, not the best ive seen..

  8.  yesssssssss it's good!


    a definate buy for anyone who wants a stylish, amazing and brilliant phone. the music on this phone is out of this world. the shake controls not only controls the music but it even has themes with wallpapers which move in shake control and when you turn it. its god

  9.  incredible


    ^ insane... best graphics a game has EVER seen on any console .. ever - serously, its amazing. and the story and cinematics are amazing aswell - storyline is top notch. well done naughty dog again!.

  10.  Excellent


    MUST-BUY! this is a nifty bit of hardware! not only is it a camera, video recorder and sound recorder! but you can have voice chats, video chats, send pictures to your ps3 friends or put all your recorded videos/music/pictures onto a memory stick and into your laptop/pc/phone and you can show off via them! not only can you do this - you can edit all your recorded files with dozens of image effects, sound edits, and video edits - extremely clever video effects and spectacular editing software - the eye + eye create is absolutely amazing. MUST BUY...