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  1.  Fantastic first novel


    I've always been a fan of the ancient times in Star Wars and this novel is set far enough back to interest me. The first book based on The Old Republic, I absolutely loved the action scenes and characters who you begin to realize will all eventually come together in one final battle at the end. Not only that but the Sith and Jedi in the book continually surprise with plenty of plot twists. This book was a really fun and interesting read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Star Wars or is eagerly anticipating The Old Republic videogame.

  2.  Captures the life of the clones brilliantly


    It's brilliant to see a novel centering around the clone troopers and Karen Traviss (a personal favourite author of mine) has captured what happened to the men who deserted the Imperial army after Order 66 was issued. Lovely domestic scenes reveal the humans behind the masks and a gripping storyline concerning a clone trying to leave has you gripped until the end. However, if you don't like long talking scenes and want more action, you could find yourself getting bored.

  3.  The best Bond ever


    This must be the best Bond film of all time, beating the new Daniel Craig movies and classic Connery. Brosnan is the ultimate James Bond, the voice and looks perfect for being the secret agent, with two brilliant Bond girls who are truly different and introduce a new era to 007 movies. The action here is fantastic, the face-offs thrilling and the music absolutely brilliant. The story is original, not being based on any Fleming novel, and it really shows with the edge-of-your-seat action sequences and conversation scenes. Any Bond fan must see this!

  4.  A brilliant start to a fantastic trilogy


    Anyone who loves the Star Wars movies and is looking for the same in original novels will absolutely love Heir to the Empire, the first book in a brilliant trilogy by legendary author Timothy Zahn. It has all the elements that made the films so great, with a fantastic storyline along with extending the characters of Han, Luke and Leia, as well as introducing some great new ones. An absolute must for fans looking for more!

  5.  Just what you ordered and more!


    The poster is absolutely fantastic, with speedy delivery and they even put a little sweet in the tube! Thanks so much to iposters!

  6.  A prequel which creates more plotholes


    Labrynth of Evil is a direct prequel to the Revenge of the Sith film, but opens up more plotholes than solves them. Anakin and Obi-Wan are present as always, but this time it also follows Padme Amidala and Bail Organa as well as featuring a battle between Mace Windu and General Greivous. The book is full of action, and becomes quite tense as a group of republic soldiers get closer and closer to finding Darth Sidious. This is a book for those die-hard Star Wars fans who want the blanks filled in inbetween the movies, even if some plotlines make you wonder if the author has properly researched the plot leading up to Episode III.

  7.  A Star Wars tale that doesn't invoke excitement.


    This book chronicles the early training of Anakin Skywalker under Obi-Wan Kenobi as they travel to the mysterious world of Zonama Sekot. This tale takes a while to actually get going, and only two action sequences actually stand out in memory, but here we do get to see the first glimpses of Anakin's dark side. This is a novel only for the most loyal of Star Wars fans as it takes a lot of patience for the plot to take shape.

  8.  An absolutely brilliant read set before Attack of the Clones


    This book follows Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee to the world of Ansion, a story which directly preceeds the film Attack of the Clones. I absolutely loved reading this book as it is much more lighter than a lot of other Star Wars novels and includes some surprising revelations about each character as they face exciting challenges. This is a must read for any Star Wars fan.

  9.  A great story to bridge the gap before Episode 1


    There aren't that many books set before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Star Wars film, but this is one that directly precludes it. It features mainly on its own storyline and is quite an interesting read as most members of the Jedi Council are introduced on a mission all together at the same time. Qui-Gon Jinn and his Jedi apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi also feature heavily in the storylines, as does Tarkin before he became and Imperial Moff during the Empire era. This book shook most definitely be read by Star Wars fans in general and in particular those who love the prequel films. A good read.