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  1.  British si-fi ion form


    This is a great movie was unsure when purchased but thought I'd give it a go, the budget isn't great but is used effectively and the sense of threat is ever present. The acting is also top notch for this type of film with some great humorous moments, the monster is also very well designed.
    Noel Clarke et al put a lot of mega budget Hollywood movies to shame so give it a try if you like your alien movies tense and with great characters

  2.  Not to bad


    As the found footage films are getting a bit tiresome I didn't expect to much but thought I would give it a go, the budget does show through but the dinosaurs are good the story keeps you watching and the acting a ok. Unlike many found footage films the picture is clear and action does take place on the screen. Good effort

  3.  Family fun


    Was reluctant to get this after reading a review that was negative but its great fun and as a family we love playing it. as its great fun and ideal showcase for the udraw tablet

  4.  Classic horror


    Forget remakes and sequels this is fresh funny horror with great characters laugh out loud moments and gory deaths haven't enjoyed a film as much since Evil Dead 2 buy it

  5.  Bargin


    Because of price was put off, but this is a fantastic bargin for those wanting to lose weight, becasue you can see yorself doing the exercise you know you are doing it right. A Kinect New Year essential to tackle over indulgence over Christmas all for price of a tacky fittness DVD you will not regret it

  6.  Great TV


    Really enjoyed this adaptation of this plant si fi good acting Eddie Izzard standout, and despite iffy looking triffids at times most effects very good looking forward to seeing again on dvd.

  7.  Monster Mash thats Fun


    I expected this to be reall bad by some reviews, but its got a great B Movie feel and doesn't get tied up in been deep, just in been a great creature feature, at £2.99 bargin!