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  1.  Nice


    This is nice and fashionable but unfortunately the stones have just started to fall out of mine but i have had it 7 months so i guess its not so bad, but the other downfall is its really tiny and gets caught in things, surprised i haven't broken mine yet coz its so dainty.

  2.  Great!!!!!


    I bought this for my dad and he loves it, it takes a while to get the hang of the controls the first time but after that its easy also it goes really high and looks good in the air. Only down side is once its charged it only has about 10 - 15 minutes of flying time but don't let that put you off because with durracel batteries it doesn't take that long to charge anyway and it's a good little gadget to have and easy storage in the controls so you don't have to pack it away back in the box every time you've used it, i would recommend it. Buy buy buy!

  3.  Ouch


    The shock on this is very powerful! I thought it would be rubbish but its actually a really good laugh. Not for people who cant take a joke though because of the powerful shock and it lasts a few seconds going through the hand and past the wrist. I just hope i don't break mine because it gets flown across the room when people feel the shock lol. But get this if your thinking about it, its a good bargain.

  4.  Not Good


    Don't be fooled by how good it looks in the picture its a load of rubbish. I didn't like the fact you have to assemble it yourself and it doesn't hold things inside very well either. Suppose it's what you expect for 1.99 but wouldn't recommend getting this even though it is cheap, it's one of those things you will use once then forget about or end up chucking away.

  5.  Ok


    This sock is actually too big for my phone and my i-pod. So they slip out of it if its moving around in my bag. And the bunny doesn't look much a playboy bunny. It's still stylish i guess, but if i knew before what it actually looked like and how big it was i wouldn't of bought it.

  6.  Gorgeous!!!


    I am so glad i bought this it's the most gorgeous bag i have ever owned! It's the perfect size for shopping, not too big so it doesn't get in the way and not too small so it fit's a lot in it. Also it looks even better then it does in the picture. Highly recommended.

  7.  Not that good


    I feel a bit mean being the only one so far to give this a bad rating but oh well here goes. When i saw this advertised on the tv i thought it would be an amazing album, but really the only good songs on it are the ones advertised, pjanoo is the only song that stands out for me as its one of the best dance tunes this year along with Basshunter. And oh my god how terrible are the remixes on this cd, completely ruins the original! I wouldn't recommend this as i wish i never bought it myself.

  8.  Great


    Wow what a bargain for £1.49 and also I didn't expect it to be as big as it is so i was amazed at the size. Great value for money!

  9.  Great Book


    Im not really a book fan as i find reading boring unless its a gossip mag! But this is an amazing read, i couldn't put it down so i had finished the whole book within 2 weeks. She is an amazing woman and now i like her even more then i did before.

  10.  Good Value


    This is a really good gift my dad loves it, and its so much bigger then i thought it would be! Also great value for money for 3 quid as something like this would be quite expensive in the shops.