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  1.  All Round Winner


    All I can say is fantastic.

    The single player career is a good length, 28 races with some additional challenges thrown in. The multi player is great fun, especially with friends. You can also take local multiplayer (splitscreen) online.

    Creating tracks, karts and mods is simple to use but will take some time to master, there are already some fantastic creations out there that can be downloaded to give you an idea of what can really be done.

    The only draw back right now is the rather long loading times. This is only a temporary issue though as the developers have already confirmed that a patch is on the way to improve this signifcantly. Don't let the load times (or any uninformed whingers) put you off, they will be fixed.

    A definate buy. A must have game for your collection.

  2.  Full Game - Review


    Having not played a fighter game for many many years i have to admit that i was blown away by h.a.w.x.

    For anyone who downloaded and played the demo all you got was a small glimpse of the actual gameplay. In the full games 'career' mode, you are presented with a cognitive storyline which within the realms of the game is both believable and immersive. But that is not the best bit.......

    The dogfighting is truely amazing. There are not many feelings that top the feeling you get when you drop in from 10,000ft directly behind an enemy mig and watch his plane disintergrate before you very eyes as you fire round after round into him with your cannons.

    As you progress through the ranks, which you do by earning xp points based on preformance during previous rounds, more and more planes are opened up with additional weapon packs meaning you can go back and tackle past levels with different equipment which adds to the replay value significantly.

    Having recieved the game yesterday i spent 4 hours solid playing the single player mode....i don't think i blinked once during that time...my eyes are sore today!

    I have yet to venture into the online co-op or versus modes but if the single player game is anything to go by it should be a blast..literally.

    Buy buy buy!