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  1.  3/4 star game where the positives outweigh the negatives


    This game is probably a 3/4 star game

    I didnt expect much from this game, so when i played it i was majorly impressed, which helps a lot

    Bad points

    Its a pity that there is no movement around the levels as that would add a great deal to the game ( I hadnt even thought about it until writing this review, then i realised id tried, it didnt do anything, and i didnt care much). Also blocking/dodging attacks is limited and there are only 3 motions to do so,which yes make it less complicated but at times bobbing your head back to avoid a foot to your stomach doesnt quite make sense

    Linking up combos is the one thing which can prove tricky as its all about timing with the virtual character, the game hasnt been designed to pick up a fast double jab, and as such it wont. However moaning about this is pathetic as with controller based fighting games you will experience the same sort of thing where hitting x a thousand times a second only results ina single attack. this is something which will improve with time with the kinect but for now its not too much o =f a hassle if you actually get into the character.

    Also theres no multiplayer, but if there was i reckon it would be pretty horrid

    Now for the good points

    No buttons, it really does feel good not having to sit down with a controller, and fighting games seem really suited towards motion control. As such all attacking motions are intuitive and easy to master (thankfully when kicking your opponent in the head you dont actually need to raise your foot that high, although if you do it still picks it up. So good for all fitness levels)

    More strategy in this fighting game than just button bashing, you need to consider the opponents state of mind, exhaustion level and concentration. As well as the usual blocking, dodging and counterattacking it adds up to one of the most realistic fighting experiences

    Addictive - this game is different from conventional arcade style where you fight one enemy and move on to the next, in this you have a choice of six fighters you need to thrash in order to gain crowns which allow you to advance to the next division. The more convincingly you beat them the more crowns you get... simple. This gameplay style greatly reduces the repetitiveness of fighting the same person over and over as you will become competitive.

    Opponents all have their own fighting style so its not as if you are fighting the same person in a different body, which was a relief as i feared that would be the case.

    Overall a pretty decent fighting game, and as a first attempt its not half bad. Its nice that they went for a full body fighting game instead of a boxing game, but i think that a purely upper body fighter would allow for more depth and precision with the strikes, but i admire that they decided to do kicking as well as it adds more elements to the fighting,
    If your wanting a more unrealistic(/fun) fighting game with special moves etc power up heroes would be a better game, cant comment on it though as i've just bought it, and have only played the demo so far.

    summed up as a decent game with plenty of replay value, at a low cost.

  2.  Masterpiece


    This is a genuine masterpiece, i play with kinect so not commenting on controller based gameplay.

    this game really does confuse me though, for some reason i find myself shooting brightly coloured "evil" pixels along to some trippy music with no understanding of what the hells going on and yet i cant get enough of it.

    For a tenner its a bargain and i cant recommend it enough,

    watch videos to get an idea of the gameplay, but at the end of the day unless your playing it yourself you wont be able to cast an opinion on this game, for instance i thought the videos of it made it look pretty poor, but decided to give it a chance and have been blown away

    big negative is that its too short. it should have been made around twice as long ( you really can complete it in just over an hour), or new levels made available on XBL or a sequel or something, but it is very replayable, i find myself thinking, hmmmm.... iv got 20 minutes spare... and end up playing a level and enjoying it

  3.  Must have


    Not sure why this game had been receiving bad reviews, i love it

    All earlier reviews seem to hate the controls and kinects inability to sense a person side on, but i havent really had any issue, so i think this issue may have been fixed through a software update.

    Different tracks are all great, each has different routes etc, often depending on your jumping skills (not kidding) however there arent many of them,but your not going to manage to play this game for hours on end in one sitting ( unless your laughing at friends and family) so it doesnt make the game too repetitive.

    The weapons are all fun, and controls are pretty intuitive, also swimming, jet skiing etc add an extra level to the game. and you can upgrade your board etc, so lots of fun aspects

    Must have for anyone who has a kinect

  4.  horrid


    Worst game ive ever played, level design and gameplay are far too dull and repetitive.

    Storyline is bad, and its hard to fully get into the game due to the clunky turning, you will get used to it after around half an hour. also having a light on while playing a horror game doesnt detract at all from the experience.

    it is however quite good fun slashing etc, and the different weapons keeps this feature fresh, but importantly the movement let it down.

    Boss fights are the highlight of the game, probably the main reason for progressing through the game.

    All in all for around a tenner its probably worth buying just to have a go because theres a lot of potential in the game,

    But story and level design let it down majorly. dissapointing really. It feels like they made the controls and then as an afterthought came up a lackluster game around it