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  1.  IT'S GOOD!


    This game works! It's fun and satisfying when you land them good punches. The 1-1 tracking is nearly perfect if you have the right conditions = lighting and space (sunny day with curtains open and at least 1.1/2 meters from the camera, and it gets better the more you develop your character.
    Online is fun when you find someone who doesn't keep doing the same moronic moves!
    I would have given this game 4 and a half stars if I could because the game doesn't have a story and the other fighters you face don't say anything to make you want to beat them up but apart from that I'm happy with this and hope they make a number 2 with better music and a story.

  2.  Great Arcade Racer


    Motorstorm Apocalypse is a really good game! The campaign is quite short and it has the comic book style story clips which alot of people moan about but I thought it was a nice touch even if they are a bit cheesy. The graphics are great and the tracks are crazy with everything blowing up or falling down and other racers trying to ram you, it keeps you on your toes. Online is where the real fun starts! Laods of ways to customize your vehicals so you stand out from the crowd and you don't have to win the races, you can just bet on the person who you think you can beat and if you beat them you win chips which add to you leveling up with the top level of rank 80!! I'm really addicted to the online right now and will be keeping this game for some time before I sell it if I ever decide to!

  3. BioShock



    2 New from  £44.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.99



    This game is very good, one of the best games I've ever played (so it must be good because I'm VERY important) the graphics are top notch and the story line is interesting and original! It's really cheap now as well so It's a bargain and once you've completed this, you shouldn't have to wait for the sequal because It's meant to be released later this year! Just get this game, you won't regret it unless you're a doofus!



    This is by far the best console = best graphics, blu ray player, best exclusive games, you can browse the internet on it, free online playstation network where you can download the latest demo's, full games and more, also has playstation home which is a free online chat room with an avatar and lot's of games and things to do (notice how I keep saying FREE unlike another certain console...) the ps3 also looks great in the home with it's shiny black, sleek design (unlike another certain console...WHITE AND GREEN?? YUCK!!! Oh, and the ps3 doesn't brake down after having it for a few months (unlike another certain console) Once the game developers start realising what the ps3 can do, we are going to see some amazing things being done with this AMAZING machine. LONG LIVE THE PS3!!!...(unlike another certain console) That's all folkes ;)

  5.  THE BEST!!!!


    I bought this from play a little while ago when they were doing a special deal for 2 days where it was £25 so i am really pleased! I already had the fallout 3 game but i was craving the collectors edition so when i see it for £25 i had to get it, i have sold the game that comes with the collectors edition for £26 so i have got the bobblehead, the making of dvd, the concept art book and the lunch box for nothing! Thanks play, you're the boss! Oh yeah, this game is amazing, the best i have ever played, i have been playing it about 2 or 3 days every week for about 6 hours a time since it was released and i'm still not bored! Word of advice though, don't do the main quest "purifier" until you have done everything else that you can do in the game!



    This game is really good, a hidden gem and under reated, it is probably one of the scariest games I've played and it's only £15! The first level you play is a bit cheap looking and makes you fell like it is a rubbish game, but give it time and it just gets better and better!!

  7.  RUBBISH!!!!!!!!


    Naaa i'm only joking! This is a really good game and has great graphics, it's quite long and the online play is a whole other game that you can keep on playing! The cut scenes are very long most of the time but if you've played the previous metal gears then you should expect this and i think it's great, it's like an interactive movie! If you like this game, get fallout 3, fallout 3!!!!!

  8.  Only listen to ME!!!


    If you're a cool dude like me, then you'll love this game, at first, i was gutted, i just jumped straight into the main quest and it was so hard, i just kept dying and thought this game was total crap, i didn't bother looking around to notice how good the graphics were and i thought about selling it...but i decided to start over again and this time i paid attention. You have to grow with the game, level up on your skills and do all the side missions wich are great and in depth and the game would be a lot shorter if you didn't do them! People who say this game is rubbish either didn't give it a chance or they are morons! People who say the shooting is off aim...repair your weapons...the aim is fine when your weapon is in good condition, this game is nearly perfect and the best i have ever played. It has amazing views, cosy make shift towns that make you feel at home after you have been out in the lonley waist land fighting raiders, super mutants, mutated cock roaches, scorpians and fly's etc...i've got my dog (dog meat) that joins me on my travels and he comes in handy! Bla bla bla i could go on forever but this game is really good and has a personality unlike most and makes you feel like your in the game, i have been playing for over 20 hours now and i still haven't completed it, i just don't want it to end...thanks for listening chilllldren!