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  1.  Resident Evil 6 should be avoided


    RE6 is possibly the worst title in the series and I thought RE5 was bad but at least I finished it, I cannot say the same for RE6 the quick time events are awful, but not as bad as the crawling and climbing events where you have to hold L1 then R1 in repetition are so mind numbingly borring you just loose the will to continue, why?
    They have done away completely with the attache case and you only get around 9 slots for ammo, first aid, grenades, remote bombs and green and red herbs so all you end up doing is throwing allot of your equipment away so you can just reload an empty gun because you cannot reload empty guns with all slots filled which is totally bonkers, where is my attache case?
    On top of all that you cannot upgrade any weapons only skills and you can only use 3 out of the possible 24 skills at any one time and only 2 skills if you use infinite ammo, so there is absolutely no point in upgrading more than 3 skills unless you want to keep going into the menu and changing skill sets mid game which does not pause the action and can get very tedious when being hunted by a creature that cannot die!
    This is defiantly a title you should avoid rent it if need be, I played through the prolog and Leon's 5 chapters and had enough, the game just has no play value. The creators should have gone back to RE4 as it was the best title in the series continued the story but left the game dynamics alone because every one likes upgrading weapons and rearranging them to best fit there attache case. The final nail in the coffin was no Chicago Typewriter or modern version of, RE5 had the rubbish mini gun that blocked half the viewing area but nothing in RE6.
    A real let down and a waste of money, this game could have been so much more.

  2.  Truly Horrible


    I give it two stars because of the humor but Duke Nukem sounds a little simple in this release. So if you like dyeing a lot and having to wait 45 seconds each time you die for the game to reload then this game is for you, and you will also spend allot of your time trying to figure out where the hell to go there is no clear indicated path or marker to follow and it gets very very frustrating and I was playing on easy it is stupidly hard and you keep running out of ammo your ego meter does not regenerate fast enough in short it sucks, I did not even reach the jet pack I got so borred. Fix these problems and you might have a game, apart from that its very borring and frustrating dyeing all the dam time.

  3.  Perfectly Entertaining


    This game is so much fun with so many moves and awsome devestator moves too you can just destroy at your hearts content and if you get attacked you can just leg it up a building so you rarely die and once you've run up a vertical wall you can jump off then glide down which is probably one of the only let downs, the fact that you cannot fly but glide, it is ok and it gets you around surprisingly quick, the other let down is the inability to place markers where ever you want on the map, you can only mark mission and side missions not a random building which is a shame but apart from that the game is unbridled in its brutality and sheer blood as you can make the streets run red which is great after a hard days work. I enjoyed this game but I do agree some of the side missions are repetative but the ones that got boring I just left. Finally this is a game I would highly recommend you buying or get a preowned but play this game as this game is entertaining not perfect but perfect games are rare these days so this is probably the best you will get for now.

  4.  Unpolished


    Well this game has so many flaws and only one redeemable quality and that is the swinging ( but only when you get the knack of it ) every thing else was an after thought. The flaws in the game and there are many are so annoying you will want to teach the game to fly but unlike the commando it will not wall latch. The main 3 flaws are as follows 1. The radiation, If you step off the path by an inch you die, I lost track of the amount of times died. 2.The shocking save ability truely poor no thought went into this, the developers must have forgotten about saves in mid game which is diabolical, so if you die just before the end of a mission you do not pass go and you do not collect £200 but what you do, do is start back from the beggining of the mission. And gripe 3. When you die any achievements you unlocked reguarding upgrades, well, you loose them everything you collected after your last save, I have a word for that but it would not be acceptable to write so I will let you imagine what it is. So to finalise this game had so much potential and failed dismally this is not a game I would recommend unless you are a masochist and enjoy self harm, that being said if you really must play this game, rent it don't buy it.

  5.  Not What Was Expected


    Like many others I purchased this based on others reviews and was sorely disappointed it's just boring way too many zombies which means you die hundreds of times and then have to load from your last save and loose all your achievements after your last save it is very frustrating. Some enemies require shooting but the aiming dynamics truly suck so I would not bother with that just use melee weapons and just hope it does not break in the middle of a bloody battle or you guessed it, you die. What the game needed was an intuitive lock on ability so you could run while locked on and then tap left or right to lock on to the next target but you do not get that which is a shame. Not many games bore me to the piont where I do not want to play anymore but this is one, not a good buy Avoid.

  6.  Repetitive & Boring


    Avoid this game it's just not very good, the map is massive and all you end up doing is driving all the time crashing your vehicle getting out flipping it upright then crashing it again. The driving dynamics are dreadful the vehicles do not steer very well in plain they suck and as for the jet pack well put it this way I was hoping for something like GTA SA that had no fuel consuption and would get you aroud the map faster than driving so you can imaging my horror when I got it, it was a weasel fart of a jet pack and even when fully upgraded it hardly change, what a waste of time. In general the game has about 5 sub missions which get repeated way too often and it needs many more mech missions but if you enjoy drinving useless barely controllable cars for hours on end then this game is for you. The only redeemable quality this game offers is the mech missions but as I said not enough of them. Rent do not buy this game if you really want to play it.