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  1.  Average in every way


    First off this game is not meant to be like previous Resident Evil games, if thats what you want buy a Dead Space Game, or Dark Sector or Silent HIll. This game is made for action and unfortnatley someone seemed to not have passed the memo to the charatcers in the game. If you have people to play with this game can be fun, if your planning on doing it singal plater dont bother, the AI teammates are sub standard, they rarely heal you and just are useful enough to do the harder parts. Single player story lenght comes in a just under four hours too (on normal) so unless your playing with friends next to zero replay value. All in all this game is average, its not as bad as people say but it certainly isnt worth paying big bucks for, but on the flip side you wait to is budget release and try play then unless you have mates who have this game your never going to finsih the single player because i promise no one will be playing this still in 2 months.

  2.  Orginal strange game with touches of brillance


    This game is simply mental, its packed full of orginal ideas and pays homage to great horror films ( Evil Dead and Ghostbuster to name two) and video games alike. The script is an aquired taste, its sexual and inpulsive; but not vulgar.
    Honeslty there is so many ideas in this game that it should have been split into two games. I wish they would make a sequal but this game has not sold well enough to get one. So play this piece of brilliance whilst you can.

  3.  Fantastic game


    I didnt think i would like this game, but on my friends insistance i gave it a crack and i have tobe honest and saw it would make top ten games on xbox ever. Its like a dating a crazy girl, most the times its a pain in the a*&e and you wonder it is worth all the angnst but then you remember its one hell of a ride.

  4.  Poor game


    I bought this with hopes of reliving some "wolverine" chatting glee and i was left feeling mis-sold, by a sadly mis-judged game. The A.I of both your so called team mates and enimies is a joke, with soliders like this it isn`t any real surpise the americans are losing to the Korens (in game context), thegraphics are poor and no amount of fake blood is going to make shootingthem guns any more fun.
    The campign took me around 5 to 6 hours to do and that was mainly because unless you are in constant moment enimies will pretty muchkeep respawing at certain points.
    This game could have been awesome and u i can`t help but feel that the first homefront is just a taster of a bigger game waiting to be released.
    Save your money and buy something fun.

  5.  Fantastic horror game


    I bought this game after a lot of swaing between wanting it and not wanting it and now i can finally say i am glad i bought it because it is a excellent game. It really is a true example of buliding tension and creating scares. The graphics are also out of this world, easliy the best i have seen on the xbox, i`ve spent so much time just looking at stars its unatural. Lots of little hidden gems within the game as well, ike watching the twilight zone rip off shows on televisions. would reconmend this to anybody who is a fan of the orginal resident evil and dead space.

  6.  Best Maden yet


    I bought this maden as i have done for the last 4 years and i have to say that this is the best madden since the 2008 version. The graphics are fantastic as ever but they have finally nailed the the gameplay. I personally still use the play book but for the casual gamer you can get the coach to pick the plays for you. If you have a headset you can listen to instructions as you play that can guide you i you required.
    The online play is a excelle as ever but please remember you may have to buy an online code to play if you buy a 2nd had copy.
    End of the day best madden yet.

  7.  One of the best FPS on teh xbox 360, fear the future.


    I`ve got be honest this game is fantastic. It looks glorious and plays like nightmare come true. The game is based on a trilogy of books and you can tell form the stoty of the game that this is the firsy book/game and its setting the tone for the envitable sequal(s). Th emain complaint people have had is the shooing an din my opinion that is becaus people have become used to the call of duty ease of aiming, this game is based in a post apocalyptic world of mutants, ghost and nazis (oh yes they are back dodgy accent and all) the weapons you use are make shift hand mad rife they aren`t going to be super accurate and that is teh strenght of this game is realistic. When you character is running around outside his gas mask will steam up, if you look at your watch it tells you the time in the real world, your not a super solider and you can die easily. Personally this is in my top 5 games on the xbox 360. If you want a game which requires thought play this, you want just to shoot people play mw2, the choice is yours.