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  1.  Brilliant


    this is probably one of the most immersive games i have every played, and is as good as any other RPG out there. this game is what an RPG is all about, and it delivers it in bucket loads as well! the charachters, the sotryline, the weapons, the scenery, all absolutely wonderful. And the differnt paths you can take to finish the game are brilliant as well, everything from fighting for the greater good to taking it all for yourself, you really do have control over how things are to turn out in the Mojhave wasteland. Little side missions can have an effect on how the main storyline concludes, with the fate of entire factions in your hands, its definately a game for those of you who like to be part of the world you are playing in.

    But i will comment on the glitches though, they can be annoying. My playstation crashed on numerous occasions (luckily no orange light of death though!) and there were times when i couldnt find companions despite them being on the map, and got stuck in terrain. But tbh these are quite minor faults in an otherwise brilliant game. i mean i didnt think they hampered my gaming experience.

    The only other qualm i had about it was once you had completed the main story line, you couldnt then carry on and go and complete side missions in your newley altered world, like you could on Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. So i would suggest that, before you go and finish the game, you save it so that you can go back and do the side missions.
    Once again though, this is a minor issue and is really only a personal qualm, others may not be as bothered by this and i wouldnt let it put you off buying the game, especially for this price!

    Overall all, a brilliant game with enough material to keep you hooked for days on end, with only occasional toilet breaks. It misses out on 5 stars simply because of minor issues, and i would have given it 4.5 stars if i could.

  2.  Very good but...


    Its very good as everyone has said for the price, and it works well when im listening to the ipod on its own. However, it does rattle a bit in certain parts of the song which is annoying, even if i turn the bass down it still does it. whether it is £18 or £1 that rattle does get rather annoying, you have to be below 15 before it goes and you can hardly hear the thing. but this doesnt happen all the time.



    This was abslutley brilliant, i used to stay up till 4 in the morning an watch them. I would be watching one episode from 11 till 1 and then want to watch another because they are incredible. Its so good and u get so attached to the charachters, its a tear jerking, hard hitting drama which leaves u with a hollow feeling in ur stomach when u have watched the last episode because you are desperate for more! There has never been a tv series of this quality before and i dont think there ever will be again. Magnificant!

  4.  Love it


    I really love this album, its got all modern music on which i like, and then the classics cd 2 is jus BRILLIANT! i mean roy orbison - i drove all night is fantastic. i must buy for any music lover of both modern and classic taste!



    I would be willing to spend at least £10 on this if not more, but for £2.99 :O. that is jus amazing. an absolutley brilliant film with many funny moments and for that price u cant go wrong! a must buy