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  1.  Park and sit in silence.....


    I am scraping a 3 for this. The brief sum up of this film is misleading. I think there were a total of 2 car chases and to sum up by saying ' to do what he does best, drive' should really read 'kill'. Now I am not squeamish and there was some interesting scenes but it is better described as a dark, pyschotic uberviolent excuse for a movie vaguely related to a car chase. The opening sequence is great. tense, clever and resourcful but it fairly much stops there and is then a ponderous game of survival of the most violent and brazen. That may appeal and has obviously done so to many. I actually thought his character was mute for the first half hr....

  2.  Rocky for Robots and Great one for the kids


    So it has been decided that boxing is too barbaric and dangerous and it is much better to have robots do it. O.k lets go then!! If you took the kid out of it who is possibly the most annoying little... person ever to grace the silver screen, this was quite good fun. The format of Blu-ray was made for movies like this and the delivery and rendition I thought was very good. The movie itself was quite good and safe for family veiwing cos I don't think a single expeltive passed the lips of anyone, well it might have done but it was very light on that kind of thing. All in all not a bad watch.

  3.  Just the ending.... DOH!


    Loved this movie and you will too. Great casting, actors, action, story etc etc bar one little niggle which was inevitable unfortunately. Tom Hardys character is an awesome, unstoppable one strike destroys everyone in his path, seemingly emotionless machine of a fighter.... but loses to his brother who lets be honest was made to struggle to the final two and nearly lost most of his fights. I know it had to be done to make the film finish with a bit of a heart story but the build up of hardy's fighter as effectively unbeatable just made the end a bit duff. Fortunately the rest of the film made up for it. Maybe just watch it up to the last fight, then watch that one in 6 mths time when you have forgotton what the rest of the film was about.

  4.  Oddly enjoyable


    I know this got panned a bit by the 'critics' but I have to say that I happily whiled away a couple of hours without objection or rolling eyes or boredom. Non offensive with some laugh out loud moments and a nice little storey about a man with nothing to loose but everything to gain from starting again, but in a nice way. Enjoyable.

  5.  2 stars generous


    I am vcertain that the 'fans' of the transformers dynasty will love anything that involves the transforming alien robots but, this film was a mess. Some decent Bluray sound and vision aside (the first film did that to better effect so it is now old news) it was a lemon of a movie that struggled and failed to hold my interest or anyone elses in the room for it's very overlong duration. 2 stars in generous but the pic was good. Couldn't imagine having to sit threough it again though.

  6.  Better part 2!!


    I actually enjoyed this more than the first film. Who cares if it was on Bluray, sound and pic were fine but the film isn't about effects and sound. Still why not buy the Bluray for the extra bits. You need to see the first one to undertstand the characters otherwise you will be a bit lost, the firwst film I thought was a tad over rated but this sequel unusally tops the first run in both content and humour IMHO. Good laugh and the best saved till last... the run through of the nighs pics is brilliant.

  7.  Middle of the road


    As stated, middle of the road. It's worth a watch and has some good pace and plot elements but over all just fails to cut it as a really clever, heavy weight, suspensful court room thriller.

  8.  Nice Blu ray disc


    I am a fan of the X Men franchise of movies and while this was not the strongest it was well put together and did a credible job at filling in the back storey to how it all kind of began. Whether or not we needed or indeed wanted to know is by the by. Good performances pretty much all round but some weakness in the storey links as to the whole passion about 'being who we are' which meant the jumping sides thing was all a bit weak and washy. That said a nice demo disc with a punchy and bright detailed production. Great effects and a bombastic sound track. Well worth a visit but not the best X Men film.

  9.  Give it a proper go and smile!!


    I fell asleep the first time round watching this movie. Not really because I was bored, more the effect of a night in with a bit of vino... The first half was 'lost' so I gave it another shot when clear and alert and I am very glad I did. The exchanges between he characters of the 3 main leads were excellent and highly amusing. Had me laughing out loud lots. The plot while trying to be clever did the perfect job of strangely not being clever just a fortuitous back drop to a what turned out to be a very funny and entertaining flick. Rent it, buy it, borrow it but definitely watch it.

  10.  A couple of laughs....


    I am sorry to have to be in the minority here, but this was not the great comedy event that it is billed to be. I am also sorry that I 'used up' a couple of valuable hrs sitting, waiting, wanting this film to be good. There was potential, the food poisoning episode which was obviously supposed to be the height of hilarity fell a bit flat as it was all a bit..... Clean. There were a couple of amusing bits in amongst a generally drab and formulaic plot but mostly it wasn't worth the effort. Disappointed.