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  1.  Really good!!!


    I liked the look of this from the trailers but wasn't expecting it to be that good. I really enjoyed the story and the acting was great. The ending was a complete surprise for me and left me really sad. If you want a pick me up don't watch this but if your looking for a good film this is defo worth watching.

  2.  Totally brilliant!!!


    I LOVED this film. Was funny all the way through, the irish accent was very well done and made the film even better for me as i love irish. This film is worth every penny and you'll want to watch it again and again once you've seen it. It deserves 5 stars. I'll certainly be buying it.

  3.  AMAZING!


    Gilmore girls is a fantastic show. I love it so much, i've seen all episode's on E4 3 times and i can never get enough of it. If you haven't seen season 7 i won't give anything away and spoil it, all I'll say it WATCH IT it's brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  FANTASTIC!!!!!!


    This book was just amazing!! In the first chapter i wasn't sure as there is a lot of characters to remember but i soon came to know the characters and i was hooked. I read 50 chaper's in a day because it's so amazing. I would recommend this book to anyone it's just brilliant. Worth every star!

  5.  Top Banana!!!


    This film is really good! It's starts off really happy and sweet but goes really sad i felt like it was real life, and i felt for him and his situation. It's very well acted and it's defo worth a watch!!!

  6.  Good!!!


    Everybody ranted and raved about this film but it's not that amazing, Great effects and brilliant graphics. But very long winded and some random pointless bits to it really. I did like it but came out of the cinema not really knowing what to make of it. Did i like it or didn't i? I would tell people to watch it as i know plenty would love it and rate it 5 stars but for me personally, i didn't think it was amazing and i don't rave about it.

  7.  Good film!


    I went to see this with my nephews. I had no idea what it was, i couldn't even pronouce it proppa bit i did enjoy it. It was funny and was a good film. Very random but enjoyable for kids and adults. I went to see it in 3D and it weren't great but the film was so it made it made up for it. A must watch!

  8.  Great film!!!


    I've never seen the orginal's so this was all new to me. I thought it was great. I really enjoyed it. I love dance films and this is 1 to add to the collection. My fave bit was the part in canteen, that was awesome. I'd recommend watching it!

  9. Echo


    Leona Lewis - CD

    20 New from  £2.25  Free delivery

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    You can see just by the reviews this album is just wow!!! Honestly there isnt a bad song on there. It's epic, it's incredible. I mean wow what an album. Soooooooo much better than sprit. It's a different sound but she sounds amazing. Sooooooo incredible. Honestly if you like leona you will love this album. It's so worth the money. I think it's one of the best albums of the year.

    Go and buy this album, you wont regret it :)

  10.  Awesome!!


    Listened to this on myspace before release and couldn't wait to get it. I was so excited because after first listen it is amazing and all the listens after that just get better. Im goin seeing them in december and after listening to this album i cant wait. It's just a brilliant album and well worth the purchase. 3rd album and still going strong. Buy this album, you wont regret it.