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  1.  Better informed


    Inception is a superb film that takes you on a journey that gets more exciting (and potentially more confusing if you're not paying attention!) from start to finish. The plot is well crafted, the acting is fantastic and the soundtrack is stirring and emotional, which always adds bonus points to an already engaging film when it's done properly.

    I decided to write this mainly to give a clearer view on the inclusion of the "Ultraviolet" digital copy. This new format of digital download is supposed to make it easier for you to view your digital copy on a variety of devices, unlike the older method where you could ONLY get it for one particular device (iPod, zune etc).

    Most films these days are being bundled with a digital version, and making it work across more devices is a step in the right direction to getting more people using legal sources of digital media.

  2.  Good product but go a size up


    Feels very high quality and a nice soft material. Has holes in the cuffs for you to put your thumbs though so they become "half gloves".

    Atticus sizes seem to be smaller than average though, where a large in everything else fits fine this comes up a little tight. Still wearable but if you like your clothing loose bear this in mind.

  3. Blur


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £999.00  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.53

     Awesome racer with power-up destructive fun!


    It seems some people just aren't patient (or skilled enough lol) to give this game a proper go. The learning curve may seem too steep for some people, but when playing through the single player the idea is the game is almost training you how to play it. Single player mode comes in the form of 9 "bosses" who give you race/skill challenges before allowing you to take them on. Each event sees you gain fans for what you do on the track, the more fans you gain the faster you progress (and more cars/mods you unlock).

    Clever use of power ups, slick racing moves or quick defenses will all gain you fans, and while at first you may find you're not getting near the targets, as the saying goes practice makes perfect and you soon you start reaching the levels you want.

    Your choice of car for the track is also as important as your use of power ups. Using a Racing Ford Focus on an offroad track will not be as quick or stable as a Bowler Nemesis offroader. It's not just a case of picking the quickest car available to you anymore. And cars you unlock/win in single player can be used in online play, as often the boss cars have additional benefits the standard roadcars don't.

    This is where the game really stands out though, the online play. With several modes available you can join racing for 2-10 players, 4-20 players, Hardcore racing (with no powerups, just your skill!), Motor Mash Destruction (points awarded for the damage you do to others) and even team events.

    As you progress (or level up) more cars become available to you, spread over 4 classes (A-D, with A class cars being Dodge Viper/Audi R8 sorts, going down to D being cars akin to Ford Focus RS/Megane Sport type cars). You can also choose different Mod layouts to assist you, from gaining extra fan bonuses to free powerups and tracker scrambling which helps you avoid Shunts (homing missiles). There are many combinations to use depending on how you drive and what sort of track you're racing.

    Having played both Blur and Split/Second Velocity I can honestly say Blur keeps me coming back more than S/S V. Don't get me wrong as both are very enjoyable games, similar ideas executed in very different ways, I just personally prefer racing round collecting my favourite powerups, using them at the right moment to gain the best advantage. The first time you shock the leading car and overtake them on the line to win the race you'll be laughing like a crazy person (or howling with annoyance if someone does it to you!) :) Give it a go, it provides hours and hours of fun!

  4.  Full on proper racing, just don't hit the walls!


    Despite a couple of comments about unrealistic handling when off track I found this game to be 100% absorbing and a great and proper racer.

    Coming from the "Need for Speed" style of "if in trouble bounce the car off the wall" racing this game was a new approach for me. The menu system is easy to navigate, the graphics and gameplay are without fault and each car handles differently as it should be. And no longer will you be able to use the cars in front as an "aid to braking" as the more you damage you inflict on the car the more difficulties you'll encounter trying to get it round the track.

    For those who've complained about unrealistic handling while off track I don't understand what their complaint actually is! Drive an Aston DB9 round a track on a track day and you'll soon discover that just flooring it with the back wheels on the grass will spin the car quicker than a roulette wheel!!

    100% satisfied with this game, provided you have a decent graphics card and a quick processor you'll enjoy it just as much. Now go get yourself some sponsors, build up your team and aim for world domination!!

    I'll be playing this game for a very long time, perhaps until we see a Race Driver: Grid 2...

  5.  It's beer Jim, but not as we know it...


    I picked one of these up from the Star Trek Adventure at Hyde Park back in 2002, so I'm a little amazed it's taken this long to bring it out!!

    The form of the Enterprise lends itself particularly well to a bottle opener, this one works really well and is surprisingly comfortable given the shape and weight (it's a sturdy little item!).

    All things considered tho, it's still just a bottle opener... (just a really really cool one!!)