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  1.  Dont be put off by the brand name!


    I bought this Screen after reading a great review in PC gamer magazine. It said that its picture quality out performs screens double its price, and my how right they are. The screen looks fantastic, is very thin and the picture quality is outstanding.

    Perople may be worried about ghosting issues with this being an IPS, but i have played Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 and have experienced no such issues.For the Price i dont believe you can possibly go wrong. Considering buying another for a second screen, im that impressed.

    CONS: the screen came with a european plug, not a big issues as i already had a plug converter, but i dont remember seeing that!

    The sound from the screen itself is terrible, i dont use it personally as i have speakers and headsets for that, but somothing to note if you were panning on using them.

    PROS: Sleek design and Great picture.

    Price is so slow, you cant refuse but to buy.

  2. Juno



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     Gripping and Funny!


    Im not really the sort to buy into films, but i got drawn into this one in a big way, the casting on this film is perfect and it has a light different comedy to any other film ive seen. Its not laugh out loud funny but it is very enjoyable to watch and the storyline is very endeering.
    A must see!

  3.  Potentially Great!


    I will admit this game is very good, but it just isnt as good as other shoot em ups. Graphically in HD a emense looking game but as has been mentioned the controls make the character feel very out of touch with what you are doing, and there are slight gameplay issues for me. i traded in COD5 for this, after 2 weeks of solid gameplay i have traded back to COD5. If you are totally bored of COD then this is indeed a very unique challlenge but if you are buying it to be an improvement on COD in my oppinion it is a mistake.

  4.  Another overhyped Band..... NOT!


    I went into this a bit of the mind this was another much hyped band that picked up alot of following because people said they were good.. however this album deserves all the credit thta comes its way. Its so easy listening yet has such a edgy sound. Id compare them to the Editors but so much better, as has been said, possibly album of the year. Such a well rounded album. Gratz! Must buy!

  5.  Amazing Insight into Ricky Hattons Story.


    I bought this while goign on holiday to barcelona, needing a book to read on the plane. When i got to the hotel i could not put it down, a very good read, and i dont particularly like reading. The book gives a great insight into the 'down to earth' Hatton. Some of the stories and pictures in the book are very funny. An emensely gripping read, a must buy!