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  1.  Quickly becoming my favourite stand-up!


    Having seen Jason Manford on a variety of panel shows and on Michael McIntyre's comedy roadshow straight away I couldn't wait to see more!! This DVD has a lot of fresh jokes and great observational comedy, he interacts with the crowd as if they were in his own front room and this gives it a relaxed yet super funny element to it! I highly recommend checking this out as it will not disappoint! 5*

  2.  Knocked Up.


    Knocked up is quite a simple idea which is adapted to a much deeper and meaningful plot. It is about a slobbish 20 something man and a hard working 20 something women, who have a drunken one night stand without protection. This a really good love plot and some comedy as well. Seth Rogen made this film to be as good as it is and think if you like Superbad you should definitely check this out.

  3.  True Lies.


    True Lies is a story about a Secret Agent for the U.S Government who is always own missions around the world, this is unknown to his wife and teenage daughter. When a terrorist gets his hands on a nuclear bomb Harry has to be at his best and even his wife! Brilliant high - budget film which is definitely going to be remembered in the future as a truly great film. Like other people have said it is like James Bond in parts but that isn't a bad thing it just means a lot of action and sweet talking which isn't a bad thing is it?

  4.  Step Brothers.


    Brennan Huff (Will Ferrel) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) are both two middle aged guys whose only problems are they both still live with their parents. One day when there parents are in love at first site things are going to get a lot different for them. Their parents get married and they all move in together. This film is so funny and both Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly are hilarious and so are the rest of the actors. Would recommend this to anybody who like Anchorman and Talledega Nights.

  5.  Drop Dead Fred.


    Drop Dead Fred is the imaginary friend of Lizzie Cronin who has recently split from her husband. Fred was from her childhood and she once again exposes him to the world to cause mischief and comedy moments once more. Fred sticks up for her all of the time even though she is the only person that can see him, he causes accidents and hilarious moments throughout her now grown up life. A definite for your DVD collection, this really is a timeless classic!

  6.  Housesitter.


    Newton Davis (Steve Martin) is an architect who build the perfect house for his girlfriend and is going to give it to her as an engagement present. When she declines the offer he is left with an empty house and an empty life. This is only until he meets Gwen Phillips (Goldie Hawn) a waitress in a party that he attends to for work, after one night of love Newton leaves by accident a drawing of the house and Gwen decides she has to go and visit the house and become its Sitter. This is a romantic/comedy film which is very well acted and will make you laugh as always with the superb Steve Martin.

  7.  Excellent


    Ant and Dec are fantastic in this. They play two very different freinds who are amazing.

  8.  Fight Club.


    Fight Club is based around a average office working man who has Insomnia and has to go to different meetings once a week with ill patients so that he can cry and cry and eventually go to sleep. But when another lady Marla Singer starts attending the classes he cannot cry when another faker is in the room so decided to not go when she does. Then on a business trip he meets Tyler Durden and his life will change forever. This is an extremely good films with many hidden sides to it and really good acting. You may have to watch the film 2 or 3 times to get the story properly. At the end of the film you don't want it to end and wish it could go on forever. One of the best Thriller movies i have seen in a long time.

  9.  You Don't Mess With The Zohan.


    Adam Sandler produces once again another spectacular performance. He is a Middle Eastern soldier who is one of the best they have. He does not want to fight no more, he just wants to pursue his dream and become a hair stylist and give the world super smooth hair. All of the clients he has spread the word and keep coming back for more as he gives them the "Special treatment in the back room". This is not the normal Adam Sandler in Zohan but is just as good as his other films.

  10.  Jackie Brown.


    Just like Pulp Fiction, Jackie brown is clever and entertaining throughout. Quentin Tarantino is so good at films like this. Brilliant actors an amazing plot and some awesome characters. Jackie Brown a Flight Attendant who gets caught with $50,000 in her travel bag on the way back from a flight from Mexico. She then has to work with and against the cops in this mind-boggling thriller. Samuel L Jackson i think is the only actor who could play these roles as good as anyone could. In one word FANTASTIC!