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  1.  No More black pixels!!!!!!


    Now if you're like me and loved the Wii original.....you're gonna absolutely love playing this with the move controller. Fab updated HD visuals and loads of red blood, great music, great game. I think maybe for the money they could have thrown in the follow up MNH2 as well. Buy and get wrestling and laser sword swinging!!!!

  2.  Uncharted.....Nah this will go straight to number1


    PHENOMINAL! MEGA! SUPERB! WOW AMAZING! just some words that pop instantly into your head as you start to play the game. It's as if your in a actioned packed feature film. As stated the controls are easy very easy just a few extra moves thrown in to add to the whole gameplay. Like grabbing stealth kills and pull off ledges or over low walls....excellent.
    This is the best game on any console at the moment, just glad it's exclusive to the PS3 finally proper made games instead of lazy ports....more please. There is a momentum behind the PS3 at the moment. Alls Well.

  3.  They got BAT right......very dark and moody


    FANTASTIC. Straight from the beginning atmosphere, graphics, sound and attention to detail......superb.
    This is a must game if you like adventure, fun, freedom and BATMAN.
    Very dark and gritty story telling at its best,
    Got this on release and i'm having a great time.
    You upgrade your skills as you go along and the combat gets fun, not annoying like some games i could mention.
    Game of the year.....possibly. Definately in the super hero catagory.
    MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. inFamous



    2 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.89

     GoNnA MaKe U fAmOus


    This game is quality. Very dark city, that evolves and changes to light or darker depending on which way you go FAMOUS or inFAMOUS. I am playing through as hero (FAMOUS). The game play is fun and its great to start off with basic powers to get around and soon you will be upgrading to blast massive groups of gang members all gunning for you.
    You gain xp points as you do good deeds and help people or bad xp points to turn evil if you destroy all in your path. It's up to you.
    Once you upgrade a few times you get rail charge and you can surf along the steel cable between buildings or along the train tracks. Quicker than Virgin trains!
    Good music helps the game along but the electrifying sound effects are awsome.
    The joy to this game is the ability of fluid movement. Scaling large buildings climbing anywhere. Cole the main character is great better than POP and Assassins Creed.
    Finally buy this PS3 ONLY game its great fun.

  5.  Alone in the dark is FLAMMIN good


    Well bought this at the great play price of £19.99. All i can say is it's great. A bit clunky in places going from 3rd to 1st action view. Shooting ala RE over the shoulder. This has to be the ultimate version which has had most of the annoying bugs and gripes of the 360 version removed.
    Graphics are excellent as is the sound. The swearing in the game is a bit naff, doesnt really add anything.
    The evil creatures you fight can only killed by fire. This game has the best fire effects ever. Use and create a wide range of fire death for the creatures including flame bullets.
    If you are into survival horror games or the alone in the dark games I can recommend this. Its well paced and the sound is quality from music to effects.
    its got a great video recap everytime you load up a continue game...great effect.
    Buy if you can for £19.99 well worth it.

  6.  UNDERWORLD.....but over the top about the game!


    Some people who play games are too picky. Ive played games for years since the ZX81 which just had x and o's.
    Laras new game is the most beautiful yet and yes i think it looks better than DRAKE. It really puts you there in great detail and depth.
    Laras moves are fantastic so much improved you will grin when you notice them. run towards a small wall and she will effortlessly leap over without button press. Climbing and beam balance...v cool.
    Combat is not great but the sticky bombs are great as are the new fighting moves a swift kick in the head mate!!!
    People that like grand adventures and like to spend time playing and not charging through a game for all the goodies and be first finished, this game is for you.
    I personally love it. Yes there are the usual tomb raider bugs but hopefully we will get a patch for that and trophies ......come on eidos.
    Highly recomended.

  7.  But James youre all wet.......yes but my martinis still dry


    This is great fun and probably the best bond yet. Great cod engine and the sound/speak its top drawer.
    The only diffence you now get a duck and cover action and also you see bond in take down or special moves that are achieved by corresponding button presses.
    Its solid good fun and well worth buying. Great graphics and gameplay but no cheesy driving sections.

  8.  DeAd SpAcE............DeAd GoOd!!!!!!!!!


    This game lives up to the hype. Its like all your favourite Sci-fi films...Alien, Bladerunner, Event horizon, 2001...etc. The atmosphere when nothing is there is excellent all the creepy sounds make you very wary of what is going to happen next. The visuals are fantastic. Suit and weapons and the ability to move bodies or objects with your powers is excellent. Upgrading is done via work benches at certain points or via the shop. You start with the mining laser which shoots horizontal/vertical to cut off the limbs of the creatures.You can also use your powers to slow down time and make every shot count.
    Im on chapter two and the game makes you think about the ways to solve puzzles and how to use your powers to great effect.
    This, Far Cry2 and bioshock are some off the best games available, next its fallout 3. Dont choose one buy all and hide away for the winter!

  9. BioShock



    1 New from  £45.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.41

     Somewhere beyond the sea...beyond the sea..... is Rapture.


    Bought this game immediately on release and having never played the PC or 360 versions thank god as i hate all the my version is better than yours blogs. All I can say is the PS3 game is fab. Cool graphics and sound. The story is excellent and the weapons are a breeze to use due to the controller layout. Enjoying the very weird retro/sci fi story and the ability to use your powers to make the other characters do your dirty work and fight amongst themselves leaving you to move in for the goodies. The option to free or absorb the little mamas gives you a bit of a choice of which way the game will pan out. Im really enjoying playing this game with the lights off to complete the atmosphere. A must buy for a great price.



    CENSORED. BAH!!!! Who says us brits dont like red? I personally loved Killer7 Sudas first excellent game on the gamecube. Plenty of red in it and way over the top. Find it cheap and buy, its a must.
    Now back to No More Heroes, what can I say, yes there are a few flaws, but it is damm excellent to play. No matter how many guys you zap with your laser sword, its just so satisfying and FUN!!!
    Learning all the characters moves wrestling, building new swords, side missions and all the excellent visuals just make this game what it is - excellent.
    Suda 51 is a fresh breath of air to a rather repetative market. Presentation very retro and the clothing changes and humour throughout make this a must game.
    Wii remote use is great, no mad arm breaking sword swinging, it just feels excellent and fresh each takedown, mixed with the mad wrestling moves which can be learned through watching vidoes on your tv.
    Oh one big mention is to the excellent music track and video available to watch straight away.....cool
    This is a MUST BUY.
    Bring on No More Heoroes 2!!!!!!!