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  1.  Buy This


    Wow, played through the campaign which was a non stop rollercoaster but thats not what the main game is about, Online this game gets its five stars, all the normal game modes, epic graphics twice as many weapons and NO JUGGERNOOB which was a pain in the old games, this is an epic game which is well worth the money.

  2.  PSP Pulls A Shocker


    Silent Hill could well be one of the best PSP games of all time, i thought that bringing a top seller onto a lowely ranked Console would be incredibly hard but Silent Hill doesnt only pull this off, it creates the atmosphere we saw on the PS2, put the headphones in and turn out the lights to get the best out of this. The graphics are incredible for the PSP and continue in how they create the superb atmosphere there for the whole game.

    But the flaws, the game is prone to stopping but so are most PSP games, Silent Hill has always had a problem with the common sense part of the game where you can't sprint when you obviously would in that situation. The game can be incredibly dark at sometimes even with the brightness on full.

    I do rubbish reviews but believe me this game is worth every penny and is one of the best Silent Hill games ever.

  3.  Finally Non Live Friendly


    After years of rubbish same old Manager Modes and after last year Fifa 09 gave us Be A Pro Season Modes, now its worth it, the manager mode is more sophisticated and smarter and Be A Pro is getting better, Fifa always offers the best football gaming and will keep the crown yet again unless PES can suprise us.

  4.  The Return Of A Legend


    Like many people i incredibly enjoyed Butcher Bay on the old XBOX and when i heard a new Riddick was to be released i wasted no times in trying to snatch it up, firstly the remade Butcher Bay, its a great touch there was 7 years between the two games and many moving to different consoles will not remember the story, its great to play and catch up and remember the immpresive feeling you got from getting from level to level, now Dark Athena - One word INCREDIBLY a true Riddick game, the stealth comes into effect more than ever sneaking around the place an awful lot, if your basing your decision to buy the game on the Demo do not, the Demo does no justice just like L4D to its real game, the game is amazing the storyline is breathtaking and creepy, if you enjoyed games like Splinter Cell, Hitman and Butcher Bay you have to buy this game.

  5.  Women Get The Final Say


    A truly electrfying game, i don't think a lot was expected when Velvet Asassin was announced next to big games as Riddick-Assault on Dark Athena and the new splinter cell game, for one this a first for a women stealth game on the next gen of games, but this is a perfect way to start, the games storyline may be like other world war games but is immpresive as stealths don't usually come on this type of COD venue, The game is great the lack of online features and not much replay vaule takes this game down a notch and maybe a rental but deffinatly and enjoyment to play.

  6.  Not The Sequal I Expected!


    The first game was class and shone through, it was way ahead of its time the graphics were mind blowing the SFX were deafining and the gameplay was awesome, but thats what we expect now on all games but they didn't step it up a level, the story was boring and you only played for the achievements, the online mode is awful the game modes are same old and finding a match took a very long time. But for someone who loved Gears 1 and you still think its the best game ever then buy this but you hardcore gamers this aint good.

  7.  Poor Opening But Good Ending!


    This Game had a nice gentle ease that helped you into the game at the start but as soon as your out Vault 101 i got troubled and found it boring and tiring to walk around the whole map dicovering everything and having to kill raiders and weird mutant things that attacked you out the blue.

    But as soon as you start the missions this game completely and fully immerses you in the game and actually makes you feel for your character, BUT no online modes kinda bummed me out BUT HUGE DLC coming for those whove finished the game 3 parts including the Liberation Of Alaska which will cost 800 points so keep hold of your copy and don't trade it in and this might help some people want to buy it.

  8.  Omg You Are Kidding!


    Spikefun you have to be kidding Friends is pure genius that all future Sitcoms base upon WHY cos its the most succesful thing to come out of America and the most succesful sitcom.

    Anyway this is amazing i had pure fun laughs watching this reminded me hugely of me and my mates yet and i'm not that geeky or shy of girls. I'm also enjoying the second season and hoping for more to come.

  9.  It's Deffinatly a Rental


    This game is a pure rental, the plot was very predictable every twist was easy to guess, no weapon it was needed with the police shooting at you you could slow down time and get there weapon but you would be killed easily and the weapon was short lived. The new style was undoutably groundbreaking but can make you a bit dizzy.

    The story mode took me about 5 hours to complete then i was limited no online modes apsoutely a must only 1 game ever can get away with no online mode and thats fallout 3. I did a time trial that got old fast. This game is deffinatly a overated foundation for something better to come. The game has been promised some dlc very soon that might be a reason to buy the game but renting it is good for now.

  10.  Prince Of Persia is Reborn


    When i saw this game i was wondering with its newly changed art work and improvements if it could live up to its reputation on the Old Consoles, Sands Of Time, Warrior Within And Two Thrones were 3 of my favourite games back in the good old days of the PS2, the Art Work is superb the game immerses you in an epic storyline, the new combat is very good only fighting one person instead of a group of them is a real hassle off your back.

    With the new Princess added to cheat death it helps amazingly you can go through the game without the fear of death and losing your point in a game, people moan that if theres no death theres no point thats idiocy, without death you can focas on planning a root through the game no realoading at checkpoints and losing your intrest in the game its a great new feature.

    My one main problem but isnt a huge one which can put you off this game is the voice of the prince himself, no its not persian not even close its a very heavy Canadian Voice Oh Yes he also pulls a lot of jokes and kinda reminds you off a human sonic trust me it will.

    Whats great is the open world, its not that your telling a story like the other one the storyline is great the combat is great and the new artwork is superb, get this game it is highly recommended that you get this game.