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    Not really a review per se, the other 5 Star reviews say it all. Just an update for any potential new brawlers. Even though Brawl has been out a while, the online mode is still kickin' it, so buy the Wii's finest title and i'll see you online!

  2.  Body swaying, finger clicking good!


    Excellent album! Always admired these artists and this genre of music from afar, and have been looking for a good compilation album for a little while. Well this certainly fits the bill, most if not all of each artists most famous tunes, 75 in total, all for a mere £4!! Zero disappointment!

  3.  Inglorious = Glorious!!


    Excellent movie, a true hoot from start to finish! Almost a blend in comedy and style of the Dirty Dozen and M*A*S*H. Some very tongue in cheek acting, suspect audio editing and low budget special effects all add to this films charm, just buy it!



    Spent some hours today playing 'The Conduit' after it arrived a day earlier than expected, sweet! Although i did sample the single player, which seemed good, spent most of the time online. Online gameplay is fast, furious and fun! the controls, which are much like metroid prime 3, took me a little time to become accustomed to, though game can be played with the zapper. So far i have experienced zero lag and only 3 times has the game crashed when loading an online match. As many professional reviewers have said, the game does indeed have similarities to both halo and goldeneye. This is certainly the best there is on the wii for online play and as the title suggests nintendo and infinity ward really should take note, as should all studios, there is no excuse for poor online gameplay on the wii, nor is there any excuse for not including wii speak support with online games!

    Pro's: Excellent online gameplay, fast lag-free action, great graphics, many options.

    Con's: only 7 multiplayer levels, slow connecting to online games, online foes take some killing!

    Buy it = Zero disappointment!

  5.  Big Rubbish Add-On!!!


    This game is nothing more than an add-on for the original Rainbow Six. In terms of graphics, it is marginally better than its predecessor, but if you've played the first one then this incarnation will offer nothing new. The online side of the game is almost identical to the first, with a slightly changed look, but the same old weapons and equipment. and once again you have to play the game online for a significant amount of time to unlock any decent equipment to finally put yourself on a level footing with all the RS6 'fanboys'. if you've never played a rainbow six game then just buy the first one, its cheap as chips now and hopefully by now all the losers and 'spawncampers' have moved over to this newer game! please ubisoft go somewhere other than Las Vegas again for the next one, and sack the person who thought staying in Vegas would be a good idea!