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  1.  Everything a sequel should be!


    Darksiders 2 is just incredible! It improves on the first one in every way. From the vastness of the world to the cool and responsive combat system, it's practically impossible not to enjoy this game. Fans of the original or not, I can't recommend this game enough! 10/10

  2.  Disappointing to say the least


    Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of the Ninja Gaiden franchise, so much so that I consider the series one of my favorites. So understandably I was quite excited when Ninja Gaiden 3 was announced. And now that's it's here I have to unfortunately say, it was not worth the wait. From start to finish everything about the game feels wrong, and the aesthetics (or feel if you wish) that the first two games had just isn't there any more. This may be due to the fact that practically every single thing that made the previous two games great has been taken out, and in replace is some truly god awful voice acting, gameplay that gets repetitive very quick and a story that's weak at best. Allow me to just list the negatives since there's so many of them. First of all, the only weapons you get are a sword and a bow, and that's it throughout the entire game! Two weapons! One of the best things I enjoyed about the first two was the variety of weapons, but that's no longer the case in this one. Speaking of weapons, you can no longer upgrade them either, and you don't get any yellow, blue or red essence from killing enemies any more. This is because there's no need for essence because you can no longer buy anything, for all the Murumasa shops have gone, along with all health items, ninpo items and rebirth talismans. There is also no chests of any kind throughout the game and no collectibles (no golden scarabs or crystal skulls) You get the point. Anyway, the next bad thing. Ninpo has been altered for the worst, because you are now required to kill enemies to build up a bar, and only when the bar is full can you use it. (and dare I also mention that there's only one kind of ninpo) Anyway, moving onto the gameplay. While the fighting is good and fun at first, it does get repetitive very quickly. Previous games have always given you the option to retreat if need be, but not any more. All of the fighting in NG3 always locks you in an area which becomes flooded with enemies, and you can't continue until all enemies are dead. And that's pretty much it, get locked into an area - kill all enemies - get locked in a different area - kill all enemies etc. Having said all of this, I did still enjoy the game, but I've tried really hard to like it more and I just can't. In summery, is it a bad game, no. Is it one of the most disappointing games of 2012? Unfortunately yes. 6.5 out of 10.

  3.  A decent port of an already brilliant game.


    I'm a huge fan of the Ninja Gaiden series and was pleased to here that the 1st one was going to be released on the PS Vita. It fits the handheld perfectly and, make no mistake, nothing has been cut back or left out so that it can run on the Vita, everything is still here and the graphics are just as good. Just to be clear though, this is pretty much just the same game, and the 'plus' in the title only refers to a few novelty gameplay tweaks that have been added in just because the Vita has the capability. Using Ninpo requires you to touch certain sections of the rear touchscreen in order to strengthen it, and using the bow in first-person view mode can now be controlled by the sixaxis (although in my opinion it's horrible to control because it's too sensitive). And the only other 2 noticeable differences are that more ninja trials have been added, and an easy mode has been included. All and all, a good port of an excellent game that you can now take with you on the go.

  4.  A fun 3DS shooter, however better if you're an RE fan


    Going into this game and looking for a great story, you'll be quite disappointed, for it has none. This is quite simply the mercenaries mini game from the Resident Evil franchise, with a few added tweaks and, of course, in 3D. As an avid RE fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. it's simple, addictive and works well on the 3DS (and playing it online works well too). However, it does get quite repetative after you've finished all the levels and unlocked the majority of the trophies. (yes, it has trophies) All and all, a decent shooter, but appeals more to the RE fans than general fans of shooter games.

  5.  Controls brilliantly and the 3D is amasing!


    I'm a huge fan of the Splinter Cell series, but I was quite disappointed with 'Essentials' for the PSP. My main problem was the controls, they were just to awkward and fiddly. Seeing that another portable Splinter Cell was coming out I had my doubts, however after playing it I can now officially say that I'm happy to be proven wrong. In Splinter Cell 3D the controls work fantastic (using the A B X & Y buttons to control the camera) and the 3D is incredible! It doesn't hurt your eyes or make them go funny at all, and the 3D quality is just as good as that where you require the glasses. The only bad point with this game is that it is quite dark at times, but that is only a minor flaw and I would still highly recommend if you own a 3DS already.

  6.  Full of action, a must for fans of the games.


    First of all, I'm a big fan of the games and that's why I bought it. It's a brilliant book that fits well along with the games. It's full of action, every story within it is engaging and keeps you reading, and the characters are so well developed that you feel sorry for some of them. I even found some parts unintentually funny, especially the somewhat graphic sex scene. My only negative with this book is the ending; it's not a bad ending but for me it felt like the book just ends abruptly, and some stories are left slightly unfinished. still, it's deafinatly worth a buy if you're a fan of the games.

  7.  Slow start, but gets much better the more you read


    I bought this book because the film is one of my favourites. The whole beginning I found quite slow, and the author goes into detailed backstories about characters that are not really that important. However when the Bruce Wayne/Batman story kicks in it gets really good. Deafinatly one for the fans

  8.  Incredible!


    Linkin Park have changed, for the best! This album is brilliant. All the songs are extremely catchy, and I'd highly recomend it for any LP fan.

  9.  A fan of the game series or not, you'll still enjoy it


    God of War is a really good book that captures all of the greek mythology that the games revolve around. It also goes into much more detail about the Gods and how they aid Kratos, as appose to the book being all about Kratos' quest. I wouldn't however recommend this book to a young reader, because all of the violence is described in full and is at times quite graphic. Fans of the game series will deafinatly find it a good read, but if you haven't played the games you'd still enjoy it.

  10.  Prince of Persia is back!


    A brilliant addition to the already exellent Prince of Persia series. Get's back to the traditional things that fans enjoyed about the original series, and the story fits perfect between the Sands of Time and Warrior Within. Deafinatly one to at least consider.