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  1.  Outstanding...


    This game, was the reason I new my P.C. was getting old, new RAM and new Graphics card were way overdue. Game runs terrifically on my computer, with amazing graphics, really some of the most detailed environments I think any game has ever seen... On Windows anyways! Incredible gameplay and really simple controls, slight let down because game was a little short and really not much in term of "Big Bad Guys"... But still well worth the buy, either Windows, 360 or PS3... Try to avoid PS2 version if possible!

  2.  Not What I Was Expecting...


    When I got this I was really thinking another holiday pack where you do the regular chores, just in another location... But I was wrong, this is a really great expansion. I had a few problems with running my original savings and decided it would be a lot easier to just start fresh. But with this game you get to actually do a lot of new interactions, I thought that you would just send them into the tombs like you do with the catacombs, but you have to control them and find your own way through... This sets a high standard for Sims 3 expansion packs and I look forward to see what they come up with for the next installment... Definite 2 Thumbs Up!

  3.  Classic Janet...


    This CD may not be Janet Jackson's most memorable work... But her first CD has some great tracks... The unmistakeable Jackson sound is clearly present throughout the whole collection... The strongest tracks in my eyes are Say You Do, Love and My Best Friend and Don't Mess Up This Good Thing!

    ... A must have for all Janet Fans!!!!!

  4.  Truly Quality Show....


    People seem quick to judge a TV show badly, when it shows something a little different to what they are used to...

    This is truly a classic show and Lisa Kudrow puts on a phenomenal performance. The humor level is somewhat different to that of Friends and other sitcoms, which is what ruins this for people as they go into this expecting humor on that level. Following the life of a somewhat insecure, self-conscious woman as she wants to turn her acting career back around. The desperation of the character truly comes forth while she tries to make her "Comeback" a success!

    5* Quality.... To the More Sophisticated Viewer Anyway!