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  1. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    7 New from  €3.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.75

     Why do i even bother?


    Bought fifa 10 after i enjoyed the demo and thought fifa 09 was a good game. Fifa 10 is somehow different to its demo and is worse than both fifa 09 and the fifa 10 demo.

    Everytime i come to either slide tackle or stand tackle someone the ball ALWAYS seems to find the feet of the oppenent. Having a quick player means nothing as he will almost certainly get cought by a league 2 player weighing about 20 stone and get barged off the ball, you do anything similar and the refferee will give the oposition a free kick. And when the ball come into either penalty area it is a game of pinball as the ball rickershades all over the place, deflected goals happen far to often as the "pinball" effect is all too common.

    Celerbrations are the same as the preivous fifa and live seasons is not free, you now have to buy it from the store, (yet another EA money grabbing scheme).

    In manager mode i was playing as united and i wanted to sign a winger and nobody wanted to come to the club because i wasnt "prestiges"enough. FFS IM UNITED.

    Alot of people saying that it is "amazing" and "the best fifa ever". They need to open there eyes and see what EA are doing and ruining what once was a perectly good game. My copy of fifa 10 is going straight on an auction site and i will no longer purchase EA games.

  2. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


    8 New from  €2.59  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.94

     Not as good as people make out


    After fifa 08 i couldn't wait for 09. I found that it is flawed in many places, such as that you cannot select the player you want when defend, they just stay still and then you are chasing the attack and that immediatly puts you on the back foot. Another is that many of the goals conceded are through balls whether it be along the floor or over the top, this just makes the game very 1 dimensional. I like the celabrations and th new free kick system. Most importantly, it is a damn site better than PES will ever be.

  3.  Better than Goldeneye


    Goldeneye in my view is proberbly the best James Bond film i have seen, out of all 23.(the other 2 films are, Never say never again and the orignal Casino Royal featuring David Niven). Casino Royale is far better than its predisesers. But, and its a big but, it is Lacking the comical apperance of John cleese and a decent length car chase, and also the poker scene drags on for too long. But these are only minor details, it is a fantastic movie and is well deserving of its 5 star rating.

  4.  Diffrent


    The film is great, dont get wrong but the storyline could have been so much better. laughs from start to finish. A must by for any simpsons fan.

  5.  Great


    Good quality t-shirt that should be bought by any family guy fan. wel worth the price.