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  1.  You only get what you pay for


    I'm sorry but I bought this product although skeptical at the time due to some very reasonable reviews . I have to be honest i wish i hadn't, very cheap and low cost build quality, audio does not sound the way it does on other mic's either.
    Replaced after about 6 weeks with turtle x11's which were only a few pounds more expensive

  2.  simply stunning


    If you own an xbox 360 you owe it to yourself to buy this game..........but be warned expect moments of soaring glory and equal measure of moments of intense frustration online...

  3.  A bit guttless & fragile


    I got this in the last sale and to be honest, there is not to much power in the darts when fired, I also bought the small revolver pistol and it has a significantly farther reach than this, the clip is prone to catching and jamming also. To be fair I suspect this is a more than adequate gun when treated with care, but for a pump action gun you expect the kids to be pretty rapid with it and it does seem like when pushed it will jam or lock up and wreck bullets. as I said I got this for my eldest (boy 10) and the pistol for my youngest (boy 5) expecting them both to want this one, but they seem to fight over the pistol as its more powerfull and more reliable too.

  4.  Well worth it!! (If you are happy to pay)


    Like many other xbox fans, this is not my first 360 (hopefully it is my last though) I jumped at the chance to pre-order and get on release day and I have not been dissappointed 1 single bit.

    Rumours that this machine does not suffer RROD are greatly exaggerated, it is still a possibility, however reduced it may be, there is now an inbuilt mechanism for the machine to shut itself down if internal temps reach critical points.
    having said that I would strongly advise readers to ignore the various below statements about the heat of the machine itself, they seem to be missing the point of the redesigned fans etc, there IS excesive heat exiting the machine, however this is due to better heat rejection capabilities(previously all this heat was stored internally and led to unreliability)

    The machine itself looks very very classy and sooo much better than even the previous elite... wifi after an effortless setup delivers almost hardwired like connection stability and the 250gb hard drive is an absolute treat, I now have 26 games and countless dlc installed and still 146gb to play with,

    but to be fair to previous posters, it is not whisper quiet as such... when running from disk its no diffenent to the old models, when running from HDD there is a significant differance, but not silent. some people should remember they said whisper quiet not totally silent....which I suppose in certain scenario's it actually is!.
    generalising, the 360 super elite is a great phurchase if you want to get into the console market for a fair price, the xbox trump card has always been online capabilities, which they still lead the market in...there is no arguing this fact!
    The only reason I do not give this 5/5 is the fact that as a whole, at heart, this is still the same machine..no revolution just a calm evolution. for me not needing a new xbox did not detter...for some who dont already own it, then buy because this machine will not dissappoint I promise you!
    If you have a 360 and fancy an upgrade, check your wallet, see if you can justify it and buy or dont buy one, because like my title says, it is worth the upgrade, if you are happy to fork out and only have incremental differances once its plugged in!

  5.  underrated and awesummm!


    this is the most underrated game on 360,graphically excellent, atmosperic as Heck. splattery headshots are fun buy me now