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  1. F1 2012

    F1 2012


    7 New from  £14.70  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.98



    As a fan of F1 for 20 years, long have I waited for a computer game to take me closer to the thrill of driving a modern day Formula One car. I purchased the Codemasters F1 2010 and F1 2011 and whilst 2010 was a good start, 2011 was a disappointment, especially in the graphics and frame rate issues on the PS3 version.
    So when 2012 release date was nearing I was obviously wary. I tried the demo that was released a couple of weeks ago and was pleased with that and so went on to buy the game today......WOW this is FAN-TASTIC!! as certain Murray Walker would scream. The frame rate and graphics issues of PS3 F1 2011 firmly in the past. The menu and presentation brought right up to date. Car handling that some may find difficult to adjust to at first. But you'll soon get the hang of it, braking in a straight line and easing off the brake as you near the corner apex and then gentilly threading in the throttle as you exit. Using KERS and DRS soon after. For sure it's not perfect but this is without dout the closest to getting into a simulator costing thousands of pounds or indeed stepping in to a 600kg V8 F1 car. Well done to Codemasters after what was to be honest a disappointment on the PS3 with last years title. F1 2012 is highly recommended to fans of the sport and indeed petrol heads

  2.  Nothing special


    Hmmmm it's a movie that's as forgetable as soon as the credits roll I'm sorry to say. The story is just half baked dribble. Whilst the story and Visual effects are well.....I've seen better on Coronation Street if I'm honest.
    The movie just is'nt that exciting and with a repeated theme within the movie you just can't wait for those credits to roll and to do something better with your time.

  3.  Frontline and cutting edge!


    I have been a fan of the COD series for many years and upon the release of MW3 and Battlefield 3 I opted BF3 and I'm glad I did.
    This beats the competition into still smoldering bunker with graphics, sound and emmersive and exciting gameplay.
    The graphics are truly amazing and the animation is a work of art with your fellow soldiers running along side just feels and looks right. Small details like palm tree's rocking by a nearby blast, pre-flight checks before you depart from an aircraft carrier. The list goes on but it all amounts to a game that you begin to feel apart of. The cut scenes are not too long either. I'm a big fan of the campaign mode in any FPS game, though I often find the cut scenes too long and just end up skipping through them. Not so here. The story is good and does not drag on. For me the graphics and sound are top notch and I would recommend this to anyone wanting an exciting and emmersive game that looks amazing!

  4.  Could have been better


    I am a big F1 fan and have followed the sport for the past 20 years.
    I had been looking forward to this game for a few months before release and at first play was instantly disappointed. I had purchased F1 2010 before hand and would have thought they would have improved upon that title.
    For sure the engine sounds are much more authentic, the addition of KERS and DRS a welcome element of the game. The Abu Dhabi race is now one that changes from dust to full night race and AI has been improved too. These for me are the only factors that make it stand out against F1 2010. The graphics and frame rate a major let down especially on the PS3 version. Not ideal when your reacting to moving objects at 200mph. I bought this game on it's release date and soon found forums and information on a patch to fix the games bugs and issues many had found.
    The patch came out this morning and it's still a pretty poor game compared to it's 2010 counterpart and I'm still disappointed with something that could have been so much better

  5.  WOW


    Having played both Uncharted 1 and 2 I was really looking forward to this, especially after watching some of the videos posted in advance of the games release. I was not disappointed. The game is incredible and the graphics are a dream complimented by a great story. Those familiar with Uncharted 2 will find this episode slightly shorter, with less puzzles and more gun fights. But this is the first time I've felt like I'm in a movie. The sinking ocean liner and plane crash ( see cover ) are jaw dropping moments you'll want to revisit time and time again!. This game is a must for all owners of a PS3 and for those who don't have a PS3 then get one, if only to play this masterpiece of a game. I have completed the game but have gone back for more. I just could'nt put it down!. Well recommended and by far the best game I've played in a long time. Uncharted 3 is gaming at it's finest

  6.  Amazing!


    I got this and GT5 for Christmas and I could'nt put this down playing it into the early hours of the next morning. Go online and try and beat your friends times has been brilliant and GT5 has hardly had a look in. What I love about this is just how much fun it is and the hours just fly by. I have many, many games for PS3 but this has to rate as one of my favourites. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is wondeful. If you like driving games then this is a must! 5 star fun :)

  7. F1 2010

    F1 2010


    5 New from  £4.86  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.28



    I've been looking forward to this for a long time and the wait has been well worth it. I like many others got this on it's release date and I've been on it all day. The game is very well presented and very tough to begin with, especially if you have all the driver aids ( Traction Control and ABS ) turned off.
    Soon as you exit the corner you begin to feel the car slide. But as you ease into the game you learn how to drive these cars. The rain effects are amazing and the career mode is just brilliant. If, like me your a fan of F1, or just like driving games then you cannot go far wrong with F1 2010. It's Brilliant :)

  8.  Bought today and cannot put it down!


    This is a very impressive game. Unlike most I have yet to play the Grand Theft Auto series. Even upon puchasing it I was thinking " should I?, should'nt I buy this game?". The answer is YES definately. There is a real sense of freedom and once your familiar with the controls it just seems to feel like second nature. At the moment I'm just really enjoying the experiance and it's a pleasure to play that I simply cannot put down. Well recommended

  9.  Impressive stuff and lots of fun


    Okay I have'nt had a Nintendo Wii for long but after playing Call of Duty 2 and 3 on the Xbox 360 a couple of years ago. This was one of the first titles I purchased after getting the Wii console.
    Now it goes without saying that if graphics are what floats your boat and you have either a PS3 or Xbox 360 then they are the versions you should opt for. If like me though you only have the Wii then read on.
    For the limitations of the Nintendo Wii, the graphics are great despite a few glitches here and there. But these are easilly forgotten as it's the gameplay that really stands out. The Call of Duty brand is one of quality and World at War is no exception. A sense of time is lost as your playing this, emersed in a war, fighting shoulder to shoulder with your fellow soldiers. You'll be playing for hours on this during it's 14 missions, set across both the Pacific and European wars. Now as I said at the beginning, I don't own a PS3 or Xbox 360. But this game is so good that it will definately be one of those that I would buy with either of those consoles in the future. It's that good and is well recommended to anyone who just own's a Wii

  10.  Simply Brilliant


    I was looking forward to Wall-E for a long time. On the opening friday i just had to see it, and WOW what a breath taking movie it really is. Ive seen other Pixar movies and thought nothing could surpass the quality and sure brilliance that was Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and others from the Pixar studios. However this is light years ahead of previous efforts. You'll fall in love with Wall-E in the begining and then follow him on his journey through the stars. I cannot express just how good this movie really is. Your just gonna have to see it for yourself. Until the DVD comes out, both i and my family will be making several trips to the cimema. Sure Brilliance!.