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  1.  Epic film that desperately needs a restoration


    If you like big-budget blockbusters with huge on screen battles then take a look at this..Despite the plethora of hardware the film still displays humanity and intimacy-characterized by some strong acting,particularly from Franco Nero.A truly impressive film which practically disappeared without trace after 1969,rarely shown on TV and the few versions available chopped to pieces in the cutting room.Indeed so may different versions of this film exist that confusion is inevitable.Some prints even have footage in different places alterring the whole aspect of the production.The English language print,which the other review alludes to,is horribly dubbed and usually cut to 114m although it does have a quality soundtrack by Bernard Hermann which isn`t present in this new release.Nit-pickers will complain about the fake German tanks(usually T-34`s or Shermans)but most of the equipment looks pretty authentic.This new release is approx 158m,subtitled,2.35:1 non-anamorphic .Arrow`s presentation is sloppy as they do state English only with no subs on the box but great to have them to be honest as the film is so much better.A word of warning though that the picture is dreadful-full of scratches and colour bleed-barely average video quality.Despite these quibbles it`s the best commercial release to date and worth buying for a fuller version.According to the Internet Movie Database the original version runs to 175m-perhaps one day.....

  2.  What a shame!


    The film gets off to a good start with an impressive action sequence but is ultimately let down by erratic editing,poor acting(Sorvino is terrible as is her accent-was she dubbed?either way it doesn`t help)Byne isn`t much better,subtitles that you need a telescope to read and a Director who just seems intent to add a random explosion or two after running out of ideas.The actual hardware on screen is impressive and the depiction of Leningrad as a city under siege is visually stunning-sets,costumes,equipment look convincing although the CGI on the planes looks decidedly fake,compounded by the fact that all the bombing raids seem to be undertaken by ME109`s-sure it`s only a film but this is just sloppy and shows a lack of attention.Olga Sutolova is memorable as "Nina" and provides most of the emotional impact but the great potential of this film has been wasted.

  3.  This is NOT about Passchendaele....


    ....but is instead a quite anaemic love story where the leads have little chemistry and the war is just used as a backdrop. Stunning views of the Canadian countryside and a genuinely exciting climactic action sequence can`t compensate poor characterization,acting,script,dialogue.

  4.  warning:this game will dominate your life for months!


    I don`t think I`ve ever played a better game.The graphics,sound and whole atmosphere probably give you the ultimate gaming experience.The best thing about the game is it`s totally up to you what you do:join guilds and work your way up the ranks,complete the main quests,steal,pickpocket,start fights(my favourite is see how many town guards you can kill!)rob houses,steal horses,use magic and a variety of weapons,use your persuasive powers to optain more information.Just by wondering around the landscape you`ll find caves,ruins,mines-al full of nasty creatures but think of all the bounty:gold,armour,weapons,gems.Trade with people to obtain better weapons,armour- or better still just steal it!Maybe this is the ultimate game,until the sequel!

  5.  Civilization 2 on the old P1 is still better than this


    Why developers can`t release in-depth strategy games on these next gen consoles is baffling.I`d much rather play these on my console rather than PC and this game proves that it`s possible to organise controls and menus and make them virtually idiot -proof.Indeed Civilization 2 on the old P1 ,desite it`s hideous graphics, is actually a more in-depth and expansive game than this and still worth picking up if you can find it.This game has it`s fun moments but the maps are far too small and the various nations all seem to have the same agenda:declare war on you after a few early pleasantries.Graphics are cartoonish but in keeping with the nature of the game.Other downsides are the fact you can`t develop city spaces or surrounding spaces with your settlers and various things,such as roads, are just built automatically if you pay the appropriate sum.Another annoynace is the fact that the game won`t let you play on after you`ve satisfied all the elements needed to win.It`s often satisfying totally wiping out a civ but sometimes you`re not given the opportunity.The controls are good but the game lacks depth.

  6. Zulu



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     Looks so good you can almost walk into the film!


    Zulu has never looked as good as this and it`s quite amazing what`s been achieved with a film over over 45 years old.Blu-ray does seem hit & miss with some bad transfers of older films(Bridge Too Far)but this is far superior to anything before.The only blemish is that sound wasn`t upgraded to 5.1DTS-surely wouldn`t have been hard to do but this really is worth picking up though.Extras seem to be largely what we got with the dvd and the best news is if you haven`t seen the film before it`s an absolute cracker:fine performances from Stanley Baker,Caine,Magee,Booth,sharp dialogue,stunning scenery,sparse but classic John Barry score and exciting action scenes.Not always historically accurate but I can forgive that as it`s one of the most memorable films ever made.

  7.  Really disappointing


    The name`s Bourne,Jason Bourne although perhaps that`s doing a slight disservice to Damon`s flicks as the first two certainly are far superior to this mess.Poor ,uninspired direction with some quite atrocious fast-editing(a la Bourne 2+3) which makes it almost impossible to see the initial car chase .If you can`t see the action what`s the point?Problems don`t end there as the script struggles to fill 1.40 and even then the film feels too long.Poor,unmemorable dialogue and very little witty bantor between the characters.Craig gives Bond a nice edge and I like the grittier image although the whole production lacks class,sophistication and just doesn`t feel like a Bond film.Classic Bondian moment is the Opera sequence which is probably the highlight of the film and certainly the only time the film lifts itself out of mediocrity.

  8.  Disappointing Blu-ray but still excellent film.


    The film is one of the most accurate depictions of a battle ever put on screen and rigourously adheres to Cornelius Ryan`s superb book.Historians will debate why the operation failed but most of the reasons are on screen although the depiction of solely using Browning as the scapegoat and villain of the piece is an unkind and unjust portrayal.Action scenes are decent enough although the main highlight is the actual para drop which truly makes you gasp with wonder-filmed for real and looks awesome.

    I compared the Blu-ray to the 2 disc special edition dvd and Blu-ray is slightly better with the emphasis on slightly.I can`t say though that I was totally bowled over as I was with the Blu-ray visual of "Zulu" which is truly amazing!This film only dates from 1977 and I`m sure if they made the effort they could give us something with real clarity and definition.(and some decent extras which this disc is sorely lacking)Sound is improved but not exactly stunning.Poor effort really for a quality epic.

  9.  Yes it is as bad as you remember.


    Oh dear!They`ve found Earth.Just like that.The very least they could have done is let the viewer and cast enjoy the euphoria of actually finding the damn planet after we`ve sweated with cast through thick and thin during series 1.Ok bad start but what`s happened to our favourite characters?Did they want too much money or did they see some of the scripts?No Apollo,Athena(unforgivable)Casiopia and initially no Starbuck.Thankfully no Boxy but er wait he`s now grown up and called Troy or is it Dillon...At least the Cylons are still there or have they been replaced as well!Don`t worry they do make an appearance although you have to wait and wait.Initial scripts and stories are just so poorly written...incredibly childish and worst of all downright boring!It`s obvious that money was short for this one as the same effects are used time and again but there`s no excuse for poor writing.Best episodes by a centon are "The Night The Cylons landed" & "The Return Of Starbuck"-the rest ...well ...once will be enough trust me.Ah Athena I miss you!

  10.  Heist at it`s best!


    It may be loosely based on the Great train robbery but one of the main highlights for me is the initial diamond heist the gang carry out in central London.Fast,flash cars,interesting locations(many of which just don`t exist now) and a superbly edited car chase as the gang try and make their escape.Cracking opening and not a train in sight!

    The main heist is well-handled and reasonably exciting.Acting is ok and fans of "Zulu" will recognise quite a few familiar faces from time to time.Stanley Baker was dogged by ill-health towards the end of his career and his performance here is restrained ;perhaps lacking some of the "intensity" and "edge" which made him a star.

    My major gripe however is with the dvd Optimum have finally presented us with after many years of waiting.Maybe I had a duff copy but the audio was occasionally difficult to follow in places,the picture seemed only slightly better than a video and worst of all it`s NOT WIDESCREEN.It `s unnacceptable to still release a film in pan-scanned 4/3 when it was originally filmed in a widescreen ratio..If it ever appears on Blu-Ray please get it right.