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Top 100 Sport and Outdoor Reviewer
9 (78% helpful)

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  1.  Poor show


    Single player is good, better graphics but is still too short.

    Multiplayer is appauling, worse I've seen in a long time. You have to use IW.net servers which is a match making system so you can't choose the server you join, theres no dedicated servers so no matches or clan tornaments and this means a high ping. Theres also no lean and limited console commands.

    Modern Warfare 1 is a better game and tis a lot cheaper! This is definately a poor show by activision. Wait for Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Left 4 Dead 2, they are better games.

  2.  Join the craze


    When I first saw these on a web site I didnt think much of them until a colleague brought one into work. I watched people try it and it looked good fun. It took a while to get the rhythm in the wrist but we were soon all challenging for scores.

    I was having so much fun with this gadget I decided to buy the Red one for myself, everyone seems to buy the blue or green one. After a month using the powerball I find my score increasing and the strength in my hand, wrists and arms.

    Its good fun and can easily be passed between hands to work out both your left and right arms. I find it good stress reliever and great for people with RSI. If you work on computers its good for your wrists and helps limit RSI.

    Good fun competing for scores.
    Different nformation on LED screen.
    Doesnt need batteries.
    Great for strengthening hands, wrists and arms.
    Lights which activate the faster you go.

    When dropped its not as smooth.
    String to start the ball rolling sometimes gets stuck when you give it an over enthusiastic pull.
    Hard to grip at times especially when hands are sweaty/

  3.  Love Lost?


    I have to say I was unsure about this game at first, doesnt have alot of hype and films / series ports to pcs generally dont work. However Im a big fan of Lost and for £17.99 from Play.com I took the risk and Im glad I did.

    You start fof as your own unique character who has amnesia and no idea who he is. This sets up well for thew following storyline and allows both Lost fans and non Lost fans tog et involved. A wise choce not to use an existing character allowing the gamer to have their own experience.

    If you love Lost when you step into the game you'' be like cool Locke, Jack and Kate and they look and sound very much like their TV counter parts. However if you not a fan of the game you may find it a little harder to follow and understand the other Island characters personalitys.

    I've been playing for a good 3 days now and already captivated into the characters story complete with flashbacks and his own quests.

    Follows the TV show well.
    Great for Lost fans.

    No free roaming on the Island, you have to follow set routes which can feel restrictive at times.
    Harder to follow for none Lost fans.