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    i was absolutely HOWLING and when it was finished i had to pick both my nuts up of the floor as they fell off 5 mins into the first episode, highly recomended if u like father ted humor and accent

  2.  nothing comes close


    1st i gota say play is the site i will never spend my money anymhere else only a fool would, and ace like i said nothing comes close i was huge drop ship fan but ace BLOWS THAT AWAY, the weapons and free planes 2 down load {xbox live} graphics, plus up on d-pad and ur team mates let rip with all kinds of stuff, up twice on d-pad and all hell breaks loose with rockets from mates in the air and who ever has ur back on the ground, you'll never see them just lines smoke chasing the same plain ur after, special weapons lock on to 4 targets at once and are long range DOPE and thats only the demo the game is 10 times BETTER its massive, and only buy from play

  3.  dope


    my misses hates anything to do with xbox, but this game makes her think she is slashing ME and she loves it so i get more xbox time, the only way it could be better is to do a co op split or systems link or even on line co op, also its very easy to get to grips so women dont get confused ha ha ha