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  1.  Cover album


    To be blunt, this is just a cover album sung by actresses/actors. Their voices are good, but by no means exceptional.

    Buy ABBA's albums instead - you can never beat the originals!

  2.  Short but sweet


    The Ataris are my favourite band, and this DVD further cements that.

    The DVD shows 5 songs being performed at the Capitol Milling:
    Takeoffs and Landings
    Teenage Riot
    My Reply
    Unopened Letter To The World
    Song #13

    All of them are performed to perfection - My Reply is a particular favourite... Kris Roe plays it solo on an electric guitar and his voice is the most pitch perfect thing I've heard. I'd recommend buying it just for that song, to be honest!

    Other features include the In This Diary video, and the making of the video.

    In conclusion, there isn't all that much on this DVD, but what is on it is of high quality, and for £8 you can't really go wrong.

  3.  Great game - but be careful!


    I bought this game today and it's my first time playing a Guitar Hero game, and on the whole I'm very impressed by it.

    For people playing the game for the first time like me, I found the tutorial in the game very useful, and also the practice songs, so you can work on improving your score before you go onto career mode - where you play songs in different venues as best you can in order to earn money. There are varying difficulty settings ranging from 'easy' to 'expert' making it very suitable for all ages and all abilities.

    The only fault I have with it, is that due to the awkward way you have to hold the DS in order to operate the GH buttons - your wrist becomes extremely painful and unable to move if you play the game for too long. To overcome this, be sure to take regular breaks.

  4.  Excellent


    Fantastic TV show... very gripping episodes which tell interesting stories. The DVD has all the episodes from this series, along with features like interviews with the cast/writers/production team etc. which are interesting to listen to, and give a real insight into how the programme is made. Would highly recommend.

  5. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    5 New from  £8.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Fantastic game, but worth the money?


    I bought this game for £30 when it was released last year, but I don't think it is entirely worth the money you pay for it.

    The only MAJOR difference is the updated teams for the season... there aren't any major differences/advances in terms of features apart from a 'Co-op season' where you control and build up experience for one player for an entire season -- this feature only seems to be in it's infancy, and improvements need to be made in order for it to be a really appealling part of the game (for a start, you can only control your player for one season, so 'growing' your player is very mininal. By the end of the season you're left thinking 'ok... is that it?').

    I gave this game four stars as the gameplay itself is fantastic, and becoming ever-more realistic with every FIFA game which is released. It misses out on 5 stars as I don't think the features added to the game are justified in the price -- just releasing an add-on pack with updated teams would have been as useful.

  6. Donkey


    CSS - CD

    5 New from  £3.11  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Don't write them off!


    I've read many reviews of this album saying that it doesn't live up to their debut - but don't believe everything you read!

    This album is very different to their debut - it's more 'polished' in it's overall sound/production, synths are more prominent, and I suppose there is more of a soft-rock/disco feel to it... but no matter what sound it could be labelled as, it is a fantastic album.

    Stand out tracks for me include Jåger Yoga, Left Behind and How I Became Paranoid, but saying that, the rest of the tracks aren't to be discounted as they are all catchy, well-written songs, and the album flows very nicely.

    CSS have changed their sound very successfully on this release. Don't expect the same songs as what were on their previous album, this one is certainly different, but different in a good way.

  7.  No thanks...


    Their singer/guitarist recently said in an interview 'I can't sing very well, I can't write songs very well, I can't play guitar very well, nor can I dance very well'... that says it all, doesn't it?

    Hype has taken over this band, and when bands are hyped up to this extent, they're usually not as good as is made out - Black Kids are no exception.

    Please do yourselves a favour and buy albums by talented musicians - not one hit, self-confessed talentless wonders like Black Kids. There are far more deserving bands of success out there.

  8.  3.5 out of 5. Good pop album, but one/two hit wonders?


    This album has brought real, pure pop music back to life. The two stand out songs are 10,000 Nights and Fascination. The whole album is listenable, but apart from those two songs mentioned previously, a lot of the songs are forgettable. This album is recommended to have a good dance to, but don't expect every song to be as good as 'Fascination'.

  9. Precis


    Benoit Pioulard - CD

    6 New from  £9.07  Free delivery



    Benoit Pioulard is possibly the most underrated musician out there. The music is completely unlike anything which anyone else is doing. The best way to describe the sound is a cross between ambient, indie and acoustic.

    Songs on the record I'd recommend: Triggering Back and Palimend.

    Definitely one musician to watch for the future.

  10.  Best album of 2006


    This has been my favourite album since it was released. There is not one song worth skipping. For all of the 'cool' kids who cringe at the thought of pop music - who cares! This is fun music with really good quality songs - I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially if they're up for a bit of a dance.