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  1.  Great!!!


    Story mode is good. It's not just you being given orders by other people. You guys are on your own working for your greed. No better way i say.
    Online mode could be better. Yes destructable environments is amazing and adds to your tactics and im glad too see the helicopter is back but when the game first came out their was sooooooooo much lag. I wasn't the only person who had it. and you cant even destroy the roof or inside walls. Just walls on the outside. But when playing online running for your life it wont pop into your head once. And the unlockable guns are BRILLIANT! FPS fan? You will love this!

    Better than: All PS3 games up to CoD4.
    Worse than: Call of Duty: Modern Combat.
    Recommend: Get it if you love to BLOW THINGS UP!!!

  2.  Outstanding


    I just want to say no it doesn't really use the wii remote. But thats why i like it! Easy to control and im sick of the wii being a minigame console where you have to shave the remote to jump or punch! I love that nintendo have stopped working FOR the wii remote and started working WITH it.

    The characters are great, the minigames are good and it was a nice touch for story mode to be seen here. Love the online multiplayer too. A bit laggy at times but thats something you live with! And that you can make your own brawl stage. Nice touch Nintendo ^_^

    Better than: All of the other wii minigames.
    Worse than: Best game on the wii so far!
    Recommend: Get it and love it ^_^

  3.  Did not like it


    I didn't like it for two good reasons. 1) Different. Too different. It's RCT3 not 3D Confusing world. I like Rollercoaster Tycoon because it was simple game to work with. It has now become Theme Park world. This game was good but i regret buying it.

    Better than: Mall Tycoon
    Worse than: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
    Reccomend: Get RCT2. Short, sweet and too the point ^_^

  4.  Addicting


    This game is amazingly fun. Manage your own theme park, make your own rides and try to make a profit. This game is basic but still gets you coming back to it. Keep your guests happy, supply and demand, staff payments etc... I love this game.

    Better than: Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
    Worse than: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
    Reccomend: Dont get this if you can get RCT2. Dont get RCT3. Check my review if your still not sure.

  5.  Brilliantly perfect!


    This game has it all. You wanna use guns? Use 'em! Wanna use a war hammer? Use it! You wanna turn invisable, sneak up to somebody and stab them in the back so you know their dead before they do? DO IT! BUY IT! PLAY IT!
    This game is highly addictive! I cant stop playing it and their is always somebody ready to fight either along side you or against you. Choose your side (Alliance or Horde), choose your race, choose your class and off you go to save the WORLD... of warcraft...
    If you are going to get this game, then you better prepare for loosing your life! Because this game WILL take over your life!

    Better than: Runescape.
    Worse than: Nothing
    Reccomend: Get it! Honest to god its totaly worth the monthly payments!

  6.  I loved it!


    This game has so much equipment, your head may actually explode. I think the best part of this game is being able to put down an automatic gun that will shoot at the enemy on sight! The bad point of this game is that you will need a good processor speed for your pc to keep up with it. Plus alot of people have issues with the Punkbuster that comes with it. If you get the game working you will never want to stop.

    Better than: Battlefield 2
    Worse than: World of warcraft
    Reccomend: If you like FPS then this game is perfect for you!

  7.  I couldnt stop playing it!


    Im not normally someone who would play these sort of game. Im usually the person whos saving the world or killing people for fun. BUT! This game won my heart. Even though its boring to talk about, its fun to play. I played it everyday for 3 months and finally got bored of it.
    But saying that i wanna play it right now :)

    Better than: Rayman DS
    Worse than: Super Mario Bros.
    Reccomend: Get it! Get it now!

  8.  More than i expected


    I was impressed by the graphics and the attention to detail in this game. The music suits it well and the online player is good. Not the best but good.
    The only reason i got this was because it was in a bundle with the ps3. If i had a choice between this game and another racing game, i would choose this. If i had to choose between this game and any other type of game, that would be a big no no.

    Basicly: If you want a driving game for the PS3, get Need for speed. If not that, this...

  9.  Highly reccomended!


    Has great features with it like takeing pictures so they come out as drawings! Just attch it to the top of the psp and it works straight away.

    Better than: GPS for PSP.
    Worse than: Phone camera.
    Reccomend: Get it. Its not perfect but it works!

  10.  Dont get it!


    Had nothing but problems! Bought it and wouldnt work with my psp or ds. Finnaly got it working nearly a year later but it was still hard to get working. Their was so many threads online about people who couldnt get it working! Absolutly terrorble. HATE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!

    Better than: A hole in the head!
    Worse than: Two holes in the head!
    Reccomend: Get a Linksys wireless B router. Works with both psp and ds. Plus ALL wireless electronics!